Meet Emma Lannigan

Hello, one of the main questions I get asked is: “What do you do?” The second is “What made you do that?” I began my career in marketing straight out of university in the late nineties. There with a road map of my future ahead of me, I just needed to start ticking them off the list:

  • Get promoted
  • Buy a flat/ house/ car
  • Find a boyfriend/ get married
  • Have children
  • Get a bigger mortgage (with career to pay it off)
  • Then when I’ve paid for my children to go to uni I can work some more to pay for my retirement.
  • The End.

There was no mention of giving and receiving, being kind, playing and having fun and being creative, loving myself and the world around me, self care, and that learning from my choices and the people and places I was in would be good for me.

I knew at the age of 22 the bullet point checklist wasn’t going to work for me. I had ‘ideas’ vision and energy, I was always too optimistic according to others. So I got lost, got frustrated and eventually by my mid twenties my mind and body decided to stop playing too and I was diagnosed with acute depression, anxiety and stress. I got better and carried on working. Then at 27 years old I decided I could ‘escape’ and I moved abroad. The only escape I made was from the UK weather as I took a marketing role which demanded more of my time than the previous job in publishing had. Within three years I was exhausted and then with the sudden death of my Dad I had a choice to make.

“The one thing I am most passionate about is our inner happiness and wellbeing.”

I work with clients to help them manage their own wellbeing within their life and business, by reconnecting with their inner happiness, purpose and vision and value they can recharge their mind and body, emotional energy, outlook and goals and empower themselves with new tools to grow.

I’m inspired by how we communicate at all levels and in particular I love writing and taking photographs. I use these two loves to create photo quotes, blogs and books to inspire, motivate and positively provoke new perspectives of life through coaching and training.

I love walking and tea and cake and I use this as a way to connect with others to raise awareness of mental health illnesses and how together we can reduce stigma and learn about the positive ways we can support ourselves and others with a mental illness. I have been fundraising annually since 2010 for the Mental Health Foundation and created WALK HAPPY in 2015 an annual local charity walk.

I’m never far from a cup of tea, walking shoes, rucksack and I still write with a pen. Back in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire where I grew up and went to school, I live with my husband who also works in marketing and volunteers. We both have a passion for travel and musical theatre and more recently we have developed our exhibition stand design skills into garden design and started growing vegetables!

I love learning and throughout each year attend workshops and trainings for business, marketing and self development. I’m also actively involved in promoting mental health and wellbeing awareness locally.

When you are ready to put a BOOST into your life or business send me a message, I’d love to meet you.