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Be Your Inner Happiness

Be your own sunshine and live your inner happiness

Reconnect with your inner sunshine

Be your own sunshine and live your inner happiness

Don’t wait for the sunshine this weekend. Become your own sunshine when you reconnect with your inner happiness.

Go to the place inside you where the golden light has maybe been locked away so not allow ourselves the joy we deserve.

It’s OK because we all hide from our light. We dim our light to protect ourselves and protect the people around us.

As a strong flower in bloom, how long would we stand tall in a vase of flowers who have already begun to wilt?

As the only candle burning we get exhausted lighting the way for others.

It’s easier to turn down the brightness, use less energy and be like everyone else.

Turn Up Your Inner Happiness

It’s time. A garden full of bloom shares it’s brightness and air. A candle lights another candle. Go within and reconnect with your inner happiness this weekend.

Allow yourself ten minutes, somewhere quiet and with no interruptions or distractions.

This is your time away from the pressure, expectation and time social media absorbs. We all have ten minutes we can give ourselves, when it means we will feel more relaxed and have more energy to share with our partners, family and friends.

Get comfortable sitting on a chair or on the floor.

Notice your surroundings and become aware of you. This is your space to be with yourself – and this time you are investing in you has amazing rewards.

Breathe, ground and centre yourself.

Notice where you are breathing from; high up in your chest, your stomach or maybe right down into your abdomen. We’re going to take a lovely deep breath in and pull the air right down into our belly button, pause and then exhale (open mouth and let all the air leave your body, letting go of all the tension, the noise and busyness of life.) Feel yourself ‘plant’ into your chair or the floor beneath you, like a anchor securing you to this place. Notice now with the relaxation and the sense of security you have created that you can centre yourself and be completely present in this space you’ve created.

Take yourself to that place where memories fill you with smiles, joy, excitement.

Now you and your body are feeling relaxed close your eyes and relax your breathing.  Still with your eyes closed go to the place where you keep the memories that really fill you with happiness, joy, excitement and feel yourself smiling. With each memory that comes to mind notice the colours and the sounds and just add some more colour and more laughter. Breathe in each memory and moment.

“Feel the energy of your inner happiness filling your body so you are ready to burst.”

Take another deep breath in and out as you start to come back to now.  Wriggle your toes and fingers and start to open your eyes. Notice the peace and relaxation within you.

You have just reconnected your mind and body with an inner happiness boost.

If you enjoyed this, use it again; put down your phone and use those ten minutes even once a week to make a difference to how you feel. Also share this post with your friends, and  if you own a copy of belifehappy: give. play. love. learn written by me (Emma Lannigan) the book features other short meditations and exercises to help you build your self awareness and reconnect with your inner self.

With Love x