Why be life happy?

What does it take to belifehappy?

Emma Lannigan founder of belifehappy created four principles of finding inner happiness for a lifetime through: give, play, love, learn.

After experiencing another big life change in 2008, Emma made it her mission to reconnect to her inner happiness. Having recovered from her own experiences of anxiety and depression, and watching other friends, family and colleagues experience these mental illnesses too; Emma wanted to find a lasting happiness to be life happy.

Give: understanding the balance of giving and receiving across all areas of your life.

Play: rediscover adventure, fun and creativity and add more play into your day.

Love: take notice of your physical, emotional and mental self care and love yourself inside out.

Learn: have greater self awareness of your values, thoughts, words and actions and your choices.

Inner happiness

Are you looking for your inner happiness?

belifehappy is an uplifting philosophy that Emma has shared in her book: belifehappy: give. play. love. learn. It was written for those of you who are experiencing stress, anxiety or recovering from depression. It's also for any of you who are simply changing life path as a result of a relationship/ new job or setting up a  business/ becoming a mum/ moving house etc.

belifehappy is also for anyone who is curious about optimism and happiness and ready to challenge their current thoughts and actions.

belifehappy is an opportunity for you to discover new perspectives across every day life and topics including:

  • communication with yourself and others
  • understanding time and creating it for yourself
  • believing in yourself and your abilities to achieve
  • having confidence to create change and control change
  • to inspire yourself and your life
  • falling in love with who you are and your world falling in love with you

belifehappy Book Trailer

Reader Reviews

“I laughed and I cried and learned and I was inspired, I thought it was brilliant, it stays by my bedside! I especially liked my little signed message, always makes me smile!” Jan 2016


“Having been an enthusiastic and long time admirer of belifehappy, I was not disappointed by the recent release of Emma’s book. ‘Thought Provoking, Challenging, Inspirational & Emotive’ are all words I would use to describe Emma’s diary and thoughts. I would highly recommend belifehappy as a simple read or to assist in anyone’s journey in their search for their Happiness. I’ve bought copies for my friends and the individual messages that Emma writes are a lovely touch.” 

Thought provoking C. Johnson, Co-owner of Hobson & Pink.

“Thank you for sending me the book. The message you wrote was lovely very fitting. I’ve dipped in and out of belifehappy and find your words very inspirational. Put it this way even though I think I’m a fairly smiley person I made sure I smiled that bit more today, hopefully I brought a bit more cheer to the workplace. I enjoyed reading your memories of the China trek. I think it’s good to remind ourselves of our achievements, as time goes on its easy to forget these things. Hope you sell many more copies, each home could do with a be life happy book.” 

Smile a bit more Carolyn. E

“Emma the author takes you on her personal journey via her blog posts as she learns to self heal following a sudden tragedy. This book is great as a straight read through or you can pick it up and read the relevant bits! Lots of great tips and techniques to keep your life in balance and encourages you to step back and take in what’s around you.”

Self heal R. Johnson

Happiness for a Lifetime

Inner happiness for a lifetime

belifehappy was inspired by a dream Emma had in April 2008, following on from her plea for change in March 2007 when she wrote Finding Happiness, the first chapter of belifehappy: give. play. love. learn.

Now a lifetime passion, belifehappy is a simple message Emma shares through her own personal and professional life.

To be life happy we require time to pause to allow ourselves to reconnect and understand our own personal meaning of happiness.

When we have raised our level of awareness within us, it is time to raise this awareness in our every day life.

Next, we can take some time to review and reflect on any differences between our inner and outer world and create a plan of what we actually want.

With a new awareness and a new plan, the uncertainty has gone and you can start to take control of your decisions based on what you want.


Download a Preview of belifehappy give. play. love. learn including practical exercises, self reflection, meditations and thought provoking questions as you read Emma's journey to finding happiness for a lifetime.

How to be life happy?

You've 'tried' everything else right?

That's often the case on any path of finding happiness, because more often we have the belief that to be life happy we have to look outside of ourselves. NO.

That's the super long journey full of diversions, exhausting, frustrating and just not what you expected life to be like.

Instead.. reconnect, recharge and empower your inner happiness

You can work with the four simple steps of belifehappy and start by going within to reconnect to your inner happiness.

Download Four Steps

Today take action and get back in control of your life with this download of the four belifehappy steps to living a lifetime of happiness with GIVE. PLAY. LOVE. LEARN

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