Death – monthly guidance

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Death February 2018 Monthly Guidance Is death the beginning? We won’t ever know. What we do know is death is part of a cycle of life and a form of transformation. Last month when we took our attention to return to innocence, the guidance was taking us back to the ‘who I am.’ Helping us […]

Life challenges through new doors - Emma Lannigan

Life Challenges

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Life challenges present us with anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and anxiety. They also present us with opportunity, learnings and health and happiness. It’s during the first part of challenges we are more inclined towards ‘giving up’. These challenges are anything in life and we’re not talking new year resolutions here. Bereavement for example is […]

Return to innocence monthly guidance January 2018 by Emma Lannigan

Return to innocence – monthly guidance

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Return to innocence January 2018 Monthly Guidance When we return to innocence, we return deep within ourselves; our home and our truth. There is nothing more pure than the simplicity of who you are and be in your world. Each year, whether you have chosen to grow and develop, or you are naturally evolving, you […]

Hygge Living in the Deepings

Five Ways of Hygge Living

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Five Ways of Hygge Living In The Deepings There’s no other way to start than first understanding how to pronounce Hygge, so that’s Hue-guh not Hoo-gah. Next we want to know what does this Danish way of living mean to us, what’s so great and how can we bring Hygge into our lives in the […]

New Year advice for business owners to look to nature

New Year New Flow

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New pressure, new expectations and new dread. What is new in your New Year? Naturally our traditional New Year is in winter. A season where we observe nature adapting and changing our landscape, as it lets go of the colour and brightness; protecting itself from the elements. In reflection we can see this natural change […]