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Marketing and self improvement

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How does marketing and self improvement work together? I would have completely dismissed marketing and self improvement working together many years ago. You see in your 20’s, post university and rallying for a place in your career; your eye is fixed to the prize; the next promotion; pay rise; maybe the extra benefits; and ultimately […]

protecting energy levels by emmal annigan and belifehappy

Protecting your energy levels

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Give yourself a boost by protecting your energy levels In my last post we looked at your contribution of energy and the balance you can create through building awareness of who and where you are sharing (giving) and receiving energetically. Remember your world is yours. So who and where you give and receive energetically is individual to you, therefore you might […]

Contribution of your energy

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What energy are you giving and receiving? The thing is life sometimes doesn’t happen the way you thought. I expect many of you reading this have experienced that right? Why does that happen? Well, what did you ask for? If you’re stuck thinking right now I’d guess you’ve not got a vision or a ‘plan’ […]

New Year Offers

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Back Massage: £18.00 (SAVE £7.00) To help add some balance into the New Year and add a spring to your step for March, Back Massages in January and February are £18.00. This 30 minute treatment includes massage of the back, neck, shoulders and arms. Appointments available: Tuesday’s 6.45pm – 9.00pm Wednesday’s 9.30am – 4.00pm Thursday’s […]