What is healing with a closer look at Reiki and energy fields

What is healing?

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We hear about healing and being healed, but what does it really mean? When we talk about healing it suggests more than physical recovery, and we can easily associate and understand what physical healing is. We break a bone or cut our skin and it heals; knitting back together. It’s really very clever stuff. Healing […]

Reiki Level 1 Training with Emma Lannigan

Learning Reiki

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Eighteen months after deciding to find happiness for a lifetime I was drawn into learning Reiki. It was through a conversation I’d had about a feeling I’d experienced with my hands. Knowing very little about Reiki I went to have a session and was instantly hooked. My next step was to begin learning reiki; an […]

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Reiki Healing Messages of Love

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Reiki offers completely unique healing messages for each client and session. For some clients the feelings experienced can be a greater sense of calm or being physically more energised. For others, healing messages are sent. Some clients will experience both. As a reiki master teacher we are guided to work with the highest intention of love. The […]