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Empowering life coaching with Emma is like a walk in nature.  It starts off with becoming aware of the changes within you and around you and helping you feel reconnected, recharged and empowered to get back into your life.


"Everything moves, everything changes, it's our resistance to change which creates avoidance and unfulfilled experiences."

  • That life you had mapped out as a child or teenager - how did that work out for you?
  • What mattered to you then, does it matter now?
  • Are there experiences you've been avoiding because you've decided you're not good enough?
  • Have you noticed patterns in your life that just keep repeating, the same results (and they're not the ones you wanted?)
  • Do you feel you are so busy, yet you've noticed you're not actually busy doing anything you enjoy?
  • Can you even remember what you enjoy?
  • Has an event happened in life recently that's got you thinking 'this has to change in my life' and you just don't know how to do it?

How does it get better?

  • Recognising the change happening in your life
  • Understanding what is it you want (this is the biggest part of the process!)
  • Identifying what you can do differently in order to experience something better than now
  • Learning new strategies and ways to support the new experiences you want

We go back to a blank piece of paper; the first page of a new crisp notebook and create the space and time for you to reconnect with your inner self, purpose and vision. 

We will talk, listen and share practical self awareness tools that you can start using straight away.

You are not on your own through this changing time… you’ll have me, your coach; on email, on the phone and face to face.

It’s your journey and sharing it with someone who’s been through those bumps makes it easier. 

It’s personal

Individual focused self development sessions to guide you as you reconnect, recharge and empower your life. As you move through these stages you gift yourself with the opportunity to accept emotions, past experiences and future fears, heal them and let them go, creating new energy and space for change.

Self awareness - Where you are now?
Purpose - What really matters to you?
Vision - Where you want to be?
Action - Strategies to get you there
Reflection - Knowing when you have got there
Self care - When and how to check in and review

You inner truth makes you unstoppable - Emma Lannigan

1:1 Coaching

Since experiencing my own healing journey and working with clients I've learned what really matters is a unique approach.  

We are individual and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Therefore I don't pre write any of my sessions and repeat them. I purposely design each client's session so you are getting a very unique coaching experience led by you. That's the empowerment of change - you lead it at every stage.

These sessions begin with a consultation to get a taster of what coaching is like using NLP and energy release techniques. When you decide to go ahead you will be sent your own personalised coaching preparation work which we work together on in your first session. Then we work at a pace that works for you: as fast or as slow with either weekly, twice monthly or four weekly sessions. Each session is followed up with tasks (where relevant) that are to be completed between sessions. The outcome is to identify, heal and release and work together to create future strategies. Once this is achieved I offer clients check-in sessions.

Energy Boost

Do you have an issue or question right now that you want to resolve and answer and just can’t make a decision? Procrastination takes so much time away from us. Invest in this one off session where you work with Emma without any pre work. Turn up and discuss your problem and we will work together with this 90 minute session to give you clarity, energy and direction.

These sessions may include energy release work and or sharing tools for you to use to help support your situation. Either way you will leave feeling more energised and focused.

You are your business

These sessions specifically focus on you and your business. Here you draw on Emma’s strategic marketing planning experience, branding, lead generation, communications, online development; blended with her personal development and energy work to help identify the real blocks and opportunities, heal and release them to help you align with your purpose, vision and outcomes, creating a marketing plan with 

You could be setting up a new business, launching a new product or have an established business looking for a new audience. You might also just want to get yourself ahead of the game and learn what else you could be doing in and on your business.

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What Clients Say

Even though I am based in Manchester, our NLP sessions worked really well via Skype. I can honestly say that without my sessions with Emma I would not have had the confidence, self-belief nor motivation to set up my own counselling website and be nearly ready to launch my own business in January 2018.  I have been talking about it for years – and now it is finally a reality! I have used three of Emma’s services – firstly NLP, secondly distance Reiki, and thirdly business and marketing mentoring.

She definitely has a special touch and offers so much more than the professionalism and expertise in what she does.  I think what makes her unique is her down to earth approach, her honesty and genuineness and her incredible positive and motivating energy – it is infectious.

I would recommend her to anyone who isn’t feeling truly fulfilled with where they are or what they are doing in their life, needs help in setting clear lifelong goals (both personal and business) or has any limiting beliefs stopping them from doing what they truly want to achieve.

Jo Oliver, Private Counsellor, Manchester

Online Coaching

“I have found Emma to be highly motivated and a first class professional in all aspects of her work. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her work is infectious and I would not hesitate in recommending Emma to anyone looking for a refreshing and positive approach to the wellbeing and life coaching elements of belifehappy.”

Owner at Looking After Eve, MBACP registered Counsellor and Tutor at City College, Peterborough

Refreshing and Positive

“Working with Emma has truly been a beautiful and transformative experience. I love Emma’s caring, inspiring and passionate approach. Together we have worked on realising my future dreams, practising gratitude and being proactive in creating the life that I desire. She has been a wonderful support and guide to me and I am so grateful to have met and worked with her. I feel empowered and excited about my future and well equipped with tools and techniques to use going forward to continue my development. Emma is a gifted life coach and I can’t recommend her enough.”  E. Coles May 2017.

Transformative experience

‘I feel lucky to have crossed paths with Emma, at a time when I had set an intention to invest more in my own wellbeing. I purchased the ‘self-care 4 me’ package and I chose 4 full body massages. The package was incredibly good value and I enjoyed having a treatment to look forward to when I needed one.
The massage itself was wonderful; deeply relaxing with some unique shoulder stretches that helped improve the tension in my upper back. Emma made me feel at ease immediately, was warm and friendly and tailored the massage to me individually.
Through talking to Emma about some of the stress that I was experiencing in my life, she gave me some practices to help me protect my energy and I have used them every day since. Having been attuned to Reiki myself, these were practices that I could relate to, reminding me how valuable they can be at helping me to feel more in control.
I have had many holistic treatments including massages before but Emma’s passion, depth of knowledge and interest in me as an individual really set this experience apart and I would recommend her to anybody.’
– Nicola, mental health worker, March 2017

Investing in myself

“A few weeks back I had a million and one things going through my mind.  I was angry and I just couldn’t see straight and it was having an effect on my life in that my relationship had broken down and it was effecting my work.

Over the period of a month I had three one hour face to face sessions with Emma and my anger has subsided. I feel calmer and communication in my work and personal relationships has improved massively. As a result I’m happily back at home with my partner and children, I spend more time at home and talk more and I’m looking forward to next year with a clearer and happier view.”

Releasing anger Male, 35-40 years, 2015

“By the time I left that session, despite not being able to complete the task I wanted to, I felt lifted.  I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  The next day I was walking into a situation I would previously not have managed.  Not only did I walk in but, with the tools that Emma had armed me with I totally nailed it!”

Confidence and happiness Female, 28 yrs, 2015

Working with Emma

I've been through immense change.. house moves (too many to mention including countries) and my big transformation and awakening came in 2007 when I'd just had enough. What I've learned came from my own healing journey from living with and recovering from anxiety and depression to experiencing sudden bereavement. I've blended all my life and professional experiences from my marketing career and holistic wellbeing, personal development and the belifehappy philosophy, to create a coaching experience to empower my clients to go forward and be life happy.

I believe the success we have in life is only measured by what success is to us individually - not to our partners, friends, family or colleagues - success is personal and all about you. Coaching is all about you.

Right now whether you feel life is overwhelming and controlling you and your time, you're exhausted and want more energy, and want to start thriving instead of surviving or you just want to get more focus in your life as you take more ownership or your direction, then take a step forward and contact me today.

Emma Lannigan - Author and happiness coach belifehappy

Ready to be YOU again?

Change starts when you start thinking about change. The results and outcomes come from your actions and belief in your actions.

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