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Death – monthly guidance


February 2018 Monthly Guidance

Is death the beginning? We won’t ever know. What we do know is death is part of a cycle of life and a form of transformation.

Last month when we took our attention to return to innocence, the guidance was taking us back to the ‘who I am.’ Helping us to identify what we needed to release and heal to bring us to this point.

There is still has a stigma around the word; a sense of finality, not just closure; death is perceived as the end. There are not many of us ready to let go, so far, to that degree.

Death becomes the shadow of life that follows us, and gives us the certainty in uncertainty. And at the our end we are welcomed with light and lightness.

When death is around the physical world, it brings much sadness and sense of loss; often because we have been left behind. Our foundations shaken within our life. While through death we journey into the light, it can feel like we have been left in the darkness while we grieve.

This is a time of death of who you were.

Use this time heal with acceptance of who you are now. Following this period will come the rebirth in March. When we start to open up and flow through with life, with new energy and new passions for life. Focusing on this period of death is not to be sad or for us to fight against. Instead, embrace the process of endings, using acceptance and honouring any emotions that are still holding on to you and stopping you from moving forward fully. Offer these emotions up to the universe and say with love and forgiveness I am ready to move forward.

Think about the process the caterpillar goes through in order to become a butterfly. It is a death of who they were to transforming and becoming a new life. This transformation occurs within their chrysalis;  a part of their death and ending. Through this period they accept their life before and embrace the changes that will form their new life.

Remember there is always a period of transition before transformation. If we changed overnight; what would we learn? Learning, healing and sharing are gifts we all have within us. Death isn’t to be feared; it is our fear of life that creates the fear of death. Once we overcome this, life is more joyful and happy.

This month embrace the endings, offering love and forgiveness, breathing deeply, resting and recharging. Be ready to welcome more light into your life as we get closer to Spring.

With Love


Emma x

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