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Empowered Living Club with Emma Lannigan

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The vision for the Empowered Living Club is to share all of my knowledge and experiences on my self development journey, energy work and marketing career, which up to now I’ve only shared in my 1:1 sessions, training and workshops.

I’ve always wanted to reach out more and be more accessible and the club enables me to offer this and more.

It really is just the beginning and together it’s going to be an amazing journey of deeper energy and spiritual development, empowering our lives and businesses.

What’s in the Empowered Living Club?

What to Expect

Monthly support

Email with tips and resources

Focused development topic and tasks

Insight video teach inside the FB Group

Group distance Reiki healing (1st Thursday & 3rd Tuesday)

Weekly support

Intention & actions (Monday)

Q&A (Wednesday)

Check in accountability (Friday)

These will work in the private FB group where a weekly post will go out and it will be your chance to share your intentions, ask me questions and also share your actions, challenges and achievements. When you comment with your updates, I will give you feedback.

This is the most accessible way to work with me as your coach, other than 1:1.


Meet Ups

This isn't all online. We will be have some meet ups during the year and with your membership you’ll get priority (and a lovely discount where applicable).

This means you meet others in the Club too. Talk to people lifting their energy just like you. You get to meet me in person and we’ll work altogether to keep empowering your energy.

And the best part is you’re not alone.

How it Works?

To join the Empowered Living Club it's £29 p/m (that’s £7.25 p/w for a coach!)

BUT.. right now because 2020 got off to a bumpy start I've opened up more Founder memberships at £20 p/m (I know get in super quick as when all 20 Founder Memberships are taken there will be no more.)

You can leave at anytime and cancel your subscription (the plan is you’ll get tonnes of value and want to stay and tell your friends about it too!)

I’m making this membership accessible because as you believe in you, you will feel multiple benefits across your world.

I’m all in to support you make 2020 be the year you take on you, let go of the excuses, embrace your energy and live 100% in your light and truth in all areas of your life and business.

(Whatever that is for you.)

Question is, are you in?

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've already got."

Some of the areas we’re covering

  • Setting goals and planning
  • Self awareness and self love
  • Taking action on what matters
  • The power of our energy
  • Our self value and exchange value
  • Getting our words right
  • Investing and managing time
  • Feeling calm and relaxed
  • Relationships with everything

And lots more self and spiritual development to help you feel lifted in your life and business.

And if that’s not enough, I’m going to be inviting some super special guests through the year to add some value to your world too.

Feel you need some extra support?

You can take advantage of the member rates to book 1:1 insight coaching sessions and energy insight sessions with me too.

This is just the beginning…

Ready to Join?

You’ll get:

Membership to our Empowered Living Club which includes:

Access to the private FB Club


Two Monthly Group Distance Reiki Healing Sessions

Download Guides & Resources

Insight Emails

Special Member Fees

And we will meet up too

Once you’ve subscribed you’ll receive an email with what to do next!

L B, Peterborough

"Emma provides honest guidance and is exactly what I needed."

J. O, Manchester

"I think what makes Emma unique is her down to earth approach, her honesty and genuineness and her incredible positive and motivating energy - it is infectious."

What happens when you wait?

If you're looking for insights and accountability from an experienced coach, marketing mentor and energy teacher to support you in your life and in business in 2020 - you've got the opportunity to be in the right company inside the Empowered Living Club.