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Guided Meditation – Love your reflection

Love your reflection - Guided Meditation - belifehappy

Love Your Reflection is a short ten minute guided meditation from belifehappy: give. play. love. learn. It was written on 22 July 2010 by founder and author of belifehappy, Emma Lannigan.

Before you start and press play, please make sure you have no known blood pressure issues or heart related illnesses. If you do, please consult with your GP/ Medical Practitioner before listening to guided relaxation or meditation audio.

Ready to Start Your Guided Meditation?

Please make sure you have somewhere quiet to sit where you can close your eyes and have little or no distractions for the next ten minutes. Please also have near you a glass of water or bottle of water to drink after the meditation. There is no background music on this audio purposely so that if you choose to have some low level relaxing music, you can.


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Emma Lannigan is a NLP and hypnotherapist practitioner and coach, Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Massage Therapist and is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Emma offers Distant Reiki and Coaching via Skype, as well as sees clients 1:1 in her home in Market Deeping, near Peterborough.