What is healing?

What is healing with a closer look at Reiki and energy fields

We hear about healing and being healed, but what does it really mean? When we talk about healing it suggests more than physical recovery, and we can easily associate and understand what physical healing is. We break a bone or cut our skin and it heals; knitting back together. It’s really very clever stuff.

Healing at an emotional level suggests we have something ‘wrong’ with us; (that’s what we’ve been led to believe.) However, with more awareness of our mental health and wellbeing we are becoming more open to discuss our emotions.

Emotional healing is complex and very individual. We might have started in a place where we felt we were blocked and couldn’t move forward. That feeling of being stuck in life and not knowing who we are anymore. Healing at an emotional level can also come from a sense of loss, either through bereavement or for part of life we believed and hoped we would have, and be doing. The loss might be of a spouse, family member, friend; the loss of a job, a pet; the loss of not becoming a parent, to the loss of no longer being in a relationship through separation and divorce.

Fear of Healing

The mind and emotional healing is perhaps more feared because it is still an area we don’t fully understand. We’ve never been able to see the ‘injury’ of an emotion. We only see and feel the sadness, the tears, the anger, the fear, the hurt and sometimes guilt.

It’s these emotions we often believe we ‘must’ carry with us as a reminder of a relationship, a specific event or time in our lives, even back to the school playground. We can be carrying our emotions from far further in the past than our conscious mind can recall too.

It’s the conscious mind that often prevents the real healing from taking place. It provides us with reminders of the past securing and protecting us from ever really living now or in the future, (in case it happens again). You’ve heard the saying; ‘the only person stood in your way is you.’ So we can ask ourselves these questions:

  • Why am I standing in my own way? 
  • What would happen when I move to the side?

Healing with Reiki

Reiki is a healing system which works to restore your natural balance in mind, body and spirit. Reiki heals at all levels, consciously and unconsciously and without judgement.

Surrounding your physical energy field there are layers which you might have heard of as auras. During a Reiki session your energy field is expanded and allows the healing to take place through these different levels:

Etheric Body: where energy is reflected and flows back into your energy meridians and chakras and is connected to the root chakra.

Emotional Body: where your emotions are found from now and the past, and is connected to your sacral chakra.

Mental Body: which reflects your conscious thinking and logic, mental health and mental illness can be reflected in this level and is related to our solar plexus.

Astral Body: connected to unconditional love and is connected to your heart chakra and is the bridge between the physical and spiritual energy realms.

The Etheric Template: can be identified with memories. Here all our forgotten, remembered or pushed away memories are mirrored. It also stores all present and possible futures and is connected to the throat chakra.

The Celestial Body: mirrors the unconscious mind. Working with your third eye chakra this is a space where consciousness expresses itself as higher feelings of universal love for all life.

The Causal Body (Ketheric Template): this is the last body. This is where the soul communicates with the conscious mind via the unconscious mind in the mental body. It is connected to the crown chakra.

What happens during Reiki?

Reiki flows with the highest intention of love and healing for you. It will send healing to where it believes it is needed right now. Each session with each individual will be different; the healing evolving with each session.

The conscious mind will not know what is being healed unless it needs to, in order for you to actively support the healing.

One session might be dominated by physical healing, another emotional and other sessions at all levels. Through the journey different levels of healing take place.

Why people have Reiki?

Most people who experience Reiki will make it part of their wellbeing through regular sessions or even training and being attuned to Reiki themselves. 

Some people will have a sense of loss and they have felt ready to feel more themselves again. Others choose Reiki for the deep relaxation is offers in mind and body – a sense of place many don’t get to experience anywhere else. Completely passive and inactive relaxation where your mind and body and spiritual energy connect and work together. So there is not a specific issue to heal, just a sense of wellbeing and self care and openness to where the Reiki healing journey will take them.

Some start the journey and notice how there perceptions adjust; what they once thought was true, has a new light. It’s these awakenings that gift people a new door to open which has always been there, but they couldn’t see it.

Who is healing for?

Not everyone wants to heal. Some choose instead to continue their inner fight with their emotions, because without these feelings what would they have instead? Without the back pain or hip pain who would they be, what would life be like for them? Without the guilt and sadness, they would be happy and joyful and that might not feel comfortable to them, just not being ready. As individuals we need to respect others choices around healing. It comes when the individual is ready and wants to receive it.

Reiki healing works to restore your natural inner balance and will bring you, at a pace that is right for you, back to being you again.

Emma Lannigan is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and is based in Market Deeping, near Stamford, Bourne and Peterborough and offers distance Reiki. Emma is also a NLP Practitioner and Coach and offers combined sessions of Reiki and Coaching.

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