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Press Coverage: belifehappy Wellbeing Reiki

Emma Lannigan owner of belifehappy Wellbeing received press coverage when a reiki session was reviewed by a health and beauty writer from Stamford Living.

The article published in July 2015 initially outlines what reiki is, and the writer’s feedback of their first experience of a reiki session.


“I had no idea what to expect but was looking forward to 50 minutes of lying still. after being cocooned in Emma’s beautifully calming treatment room, she took me through some guided breathing, then I closed my eyes while Emma moved around the couch. The heat which Emma generated without even touching me was surprising. My tummy became quite noisy and my throat felt slightly tickley, but otherwise I can only describe my session as deeply wonderfully relaxing. I lost all sense of time and I can honestly say that I felt more ‘Zen like’ afterwards than I have in years; beautifully chilled and almost as if I had a force field around me.”


Click on the link below to read the full Holistic Therapies article on Page 12 of Stamford Living, July 2015.

Emma Lannigan is a reiki master practitioner and started her reiki journey with a local teacher based in Thurlby, Bourne in February 2009 and completed her level two and master level with a teacher in Wansford near Peterborough in 2010.

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