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Reiki Level 1 Training with Emma Lannigan

Eighteen months after deciding to find happiness for a lifetime I was drawn into learning Reiki. It was through a conversation I’d had about a feeling I’d experienced with my hands. Knowing very little about Reiki I went to have a session and was instantly hooked.

My next step was to begin learning reiki; an ancient Japanese natural healing system. Reiki Level 1 taught and gave me a new foundation and tool bag to connect to the present, develop a deeper level of patience, find joy again and feel true compassion; all of which I have in my life today.

My Learnings from Reiki

With all the tools I’ve gained since 2009; being a Reiki Master, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner and coach (neuro-linguistic programming), these haven’t made me immune to challenging times and emotions such as anger, sadness or fear. Instead it’s helped me gain perspective and learn to work through these times and situations, and often much quicker than I would have before.

Looking back now it’s like I have a huge bag of knowledge and tools to help with daily life and the big stuff, which I’ve been sharing with clients since 2010. We start off learning to connect to now through breathing. Creating an inner connection of our mind and body. Breathing is very underrated and often thought of through yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes. Yet, you’re breathing right now. How and where we breath from is the walk away tool.

Reiki inspired me to develop belifehappy through learning a set of principles that guide us each day. Give, play, love, learn are four very quick and simple steps we can use to help check in with where we are in life. Equally as inspiring are the principles of Reiki which are below:

Just for today…

Do not anger, do not worry

What if you could learn how to use your breathing to change your current mind state into a calmer one with more perspective so least anger or stress and less worry?

Be grateful

What if you could learn to be grateful for things and people in your life, that it becomes natural and part of your life?

Work hard and honestly

What if you could learn to connect to your purpose and passion and serve others through this level of honesty and truth? (What many call authenticity.)

Be compassionate and kind to all living things

What if you could learn to use your energy – a source within you and universally around you – to change up how you feel about a day, and event, or situation?


Learning Reiki at Level 1

Level 1 is your introduction to physical healing. Here you share learnings and tools to help you identify and release energy that no longer supports you. Learn mindful self healing techniques that will not only change your perspective, they will change your internal energy too. Reiki Level 1 is a place of spiritual growth and personal development. You can continue the journey to Reiki Level 2 where you learn to develop and treat others as a professional practitioner.


Emma Lannigan is a Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher, insured and registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Read more about Reiki with Emma and to start your Reiki Level 1 training get in touch.