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Mindfulness and MHAW 2015

MHAW2015 - Mindfulness

Currently torn a little … I wanted to host an event to support the Mental Health Foundation​ during Mental Health Awareness Week​ 11-17 May 2015. The focus this year is Mindfulness.

Many of you will know this is something I am very passionate about supporting and promoting our mental wellbeing. belifehappy​ was created for this very purpose to help individuals find happiness for a lifetime.

The event timing is causing a few issues as originally I had put out the date of Saturday 16 May. Some very important people (my sister one of them) was unable to make it and finding a venue locally was and is proving difficult. Since there are a number of other events being hosted on this day locally this adds pressure to local supporters.

I’m left feeling a little torn. I want to support this event however the timing and venue arrangements are challenging. My book belifehappy supports the MHF and mindfulness – so what do you think to me hosting a book launch which supports this campaign – however a little later – hosting it in June?

I really would love your feedback and your continued support is always appreciated. When one in four people at some point in their life will experience some form of mental illness – this is so important now to get the message across that it is TOTALLY OK to say “You know what I need some help here,” or “Yeah I’d like to learn a bit more about sleeping better..” etc.

I work more and more with individuals from late teens to 60 men and women who are either currently on medication for #depression or are finding ways to improve their wellbeing. I see their internal pain as they feel they are letting down their partners, their work colleagues and friends and family.. when simply learning a few mindful tools like remembering to breathe (yes that simple!) can be a game changer to any moment.

My intention with supporting the MHF is not to focus on depression instead to focus on positive wellbeing – just as belifehappy was intended. Right now I’m not sure I can change the world’s perceptions, however belifehappy and so many other individuals and charities are working together to help make this shift more permanent.

How do we create events, workshops, talks where people are OK to listen and learn and walk away with tools to improve their everyday life?

It was pointed out to me many years ago happiness isn’t for everyone and I know this. It’s a choice. However what happens when there are individuals out there who don’t know there is a choice? These events are about education and awareness and sharing that smile that can change your day and someone else’s.

Thank you for staying with me on this post and I really would appreciate your comments on when and where belifehappy should host an event to share and celebrate all that helps us be. life. happy.

Thanks again.