Monthly Guidance

New Journey – Monthly Guidance

Your New Journey

Our new journey into April welcomes the beginning of the fool’s journey. Except this journey is for no fool. Our self journey is one of light, filled with love and passion for adventure, contribution and service.

The fool is set for a journey with great knowledge, skills and talents. Through learning, a fool brings a resourceful mind to their new journey, and is ready to embrace each day with new energy.

Perfectly imperfect

This new journey is not a quest to be your best self or best version of you – you already are your best version of you right now. You are already perfectly imperfect with who you are, where you are, and with what you are doing.

Instead, this new journey is about the continuous evolvement of you on your beautiful journey of honesty, harmony and happiness.

A new journey of truth

There is nowhere to hide this month. It is a month of truth. Those butterfly wings in March are ready and everything you know to be true will be your guide. Ready with new thoughts, choices and actions. Those around you may be blinded by the brightness as your truth shines. There’s nothing to fear, this is your light and one to share with others.

This is your time to reach out and offer forgiveness and peace. Your world of truth deserves such harmony, compassion, kindness and happiness.

See with different eyes

Remember, the fool within April is only a fool to a passer by. Everyone is travelling on their journey at different paces. They might not have all the learnings and resources you have. And that’s OK. They see a foolishness in your happiness, kindness and completeness. Whilst they are living with fear of their self belief of not having enough.

You already know on this self journey there is enough for everyone. And where others still see a fool, their eyes change when they receive the kindness, experience and wisdom a fool has to share.

Travel lightly and wisely

This month is a gift of embracing all the learnings you have gained over the last 12 months. Own your inner fool and pack lightly, and wisely for your new journey, and be ready for your self and soul development to grow lighter and brighter in the coming months.


Emma Lannigan is the creator of the self development and happiness philosophy belifehappy and author of belifehappy: give. play. love. learn. Each month Emma uses her connection to her higher self to write inspiring monthly guidance. Emma offers 1:1 coaching from her home in Market Deeping, near Peterborough or online.