Monthly Guidance

October 17 Guidance Trust

Self trust in our direction - October Guidance

October brings a sense of trust in our direction. We do get lost and it’s important to note that this is not forever.

It’s OK to lose our marker on the map for a little while. Know that each thought and action is coming from your inner guide. Trusting you are on your own personal journey that is perfectly timed and aligned for you.

We don’t always feel that sense of trust within us. In these times where we are not in full control, we can feel frustration, exhaustion and fear creeping in. It’s our resistance to trusting our beliefs, decisions and our thoughts and action that is causing these draining feelings.

Learning to Trust

Reconnect with your self trust this month. Observe where and when and why you didn’t completely trust a decision you have made either at work or at home or about yourself. This month is a 1,1 (one, one) month which opens up the pathway of awakening to our thoughts and focus. This reconnection and awareness of your inner trust will enhance your focus on yourself and your direction.

Watch this month as nature shows us a beautiful display. Notice as the leaves let go of the branches and fall to the ground, the tree trusting there will be new growth again. Enjoy this month of beautiful change.

Emma Lannigan is the author of belifehappy: give. play. love. learn. Emma is intuitively guided and shares the learnings in the Monthly Guidance and throughout her coaching and workshops. The next workshops are in November include: Awakening your inner vision and Four steps to learn happiness.