Poem – Buttons

Wedding Poem

This wedding poem below is incredibly special to me. It was first read and shared with my husband, family and friends who joined us on our wedding day in April 2014.

My husband had asked me to write a poem for us for one of the readings during our wedding service. As our wedding theme and planning progressed, each of us had our creative ideas for colours to table centres.

One thing which was special for me was buttons. I don’t wear jewellery except for my engagement and wedding rings and I wanted to create something for our wedding day that I could keep and was personal and would also represent me.

After some research I decided to have a button bouquet designed and made, with different styles of buttons representing either parts of me or people past, and with one special button my husband and I bought on a holiday. The tartan ribbon was a gesture of my Dad to be with me on this day, as I walked down the aisle and he celebrated with us from spirit.

I hope you enjoy these special words.

Wedding poem by Emma Lannigan


The unique character of a button creates a thumb print for life,

The type of uniqueness found in husband and wife.

A round one, a square one, a flower, even a butterfly,

There is always a button to find and tie.


Together, to fasten and close,

The button then does propose,

To hold tightly, yet lightly, for support,

Wherever on the journey they get caught.


A button will be, forever,

When the stitching is careful and clever.

With love and attention, the key,

In their lifetime will joy and happiness be.


Written by Emma Lannigan, February 2014.