Poem – I AM

Poem I AM - Emma Lannigan

This poem was inspired by the Cornish coastline in the summer time. A special and magical place and the words came flowed as I thought about a new relationship where some months later we were engaged. This poem fills me with energy of happiness, love and life and I hope you enjoy it.


I want to share my love, with you today,

I want to share laughter, in each moment we play,

I want to hear the music, in each word you say,

I want to feel your smiles always, everyday.

I want to share the magic, to dance this life with you,

I want to light each day, with the light of you,

I want to breathe the air, I share with you,

I am the light and the love, that is you,

I am. WE x

Written by Emma Lannigan, August 2012.