Poem – Victorious Memories

Victorious Memories

Poem - Emma Lannigan Victorious memories

Here we step into this gracious land, triumphant sounds abound,

The brass band plays as our British summer sun puts on another grand display.

A cold silky 99 cornet, families laughing, water splashing,

And our clever bumble bee, all wonderful memories for me.

The rolling hills blend and curve protecting us against the enemy as we served.

Buried in our fertile soil, men, fathers, husbands and brothers,

Leaving their loved one’s – some so young, and leaving their mothers,

Loyal to this land, for our freedom.

This day we share in happiness not fear,

We remember all those we hold dear,

We’re asked not now to shed a tear.

Instead to smile, and look forward to clear skies – the clouds part for the sun,

The sunken ships foregone, in the midst.

Life returns in memories of fun,

It’s here now, on this wondrous kissed grass – we won.

Victorious, standing tall and proud to our feet,

We stand together, no defeat.

Placing our hand on our heart, singing joyously loud that we are a part,

of this fan fayre – this celebration of life,

to which we commit our body, mind and light.

Written by Emma Lannigan 2014.

This poem was inspired while I was sat in my lounge and had felt an immense presence of fallen souls who were standing behind the sofa. It wasn’t until I mentioned to a friend who reminded me that just up the road was an old landing strip and air field.