Monthly Guidance

Rebirth – Monthly Guidance

Rebirth monthly guidance by Emma Lannigan


Our rebirth comes when we are willing to embrace the coming light of Spring. Shaking off the darkness of winter and allowing more light to flood into our world.

And so from the chrysalis, emerged the butterfly.

You might not feel your wings instantly and that’s OK. Instead during March, allow the rebirth process to develop slowly, there is no rush at this time. What is important is that you gently re-enter your world allowing your wings to slowly unfold, settle and take shape.  A time where we can appreciate and become aware of ourself inside and out; our beauty, our talents and our passions.

Breathe in this new awareness so that it fills you throughout your mind and body. This coming new Spring light is there to guide you, step by step, as you prepare to take your first flight. Now knowing your transformation has taken place to make you stronger, to serve you greatly with your passion and energy for life.

Your specific plans and routes are not essential at this time. The ‘how’ of what you will do the rest of this year is parked to the side, while you focus on adjusting to who you are; your inner self is preparing and aligning.

April will bring the new journey, with even more new energy where you will become your own catalyst of change. You’ll be ready to take your first flight, carrying within you all that you know is true to support you fly with confidence.

This month is your preparation time for the next stage of your journey. Embrace the freshness of the air, the feel and movement of your body and the energy recharging your mind.


Emma Lannigan is the creator of the self development and happiness philosophy belifehappy and author of belifehappy: give. play. love. learn. Each month Emma uses her connection to her higher self to write inspiring monthly guidance.