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Reiki and Coaching Review July 2015

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I first visited Emma to experience Reiki.  Holistic therapy is something I am interested in learning more about and had hopes it would help me feel calmer, more focused and balanced.  The first time, whilst I felt very relaxed during the session did not seem to have an immediate impact, however, before meeting Emma again I was inspired to make some positive changes to my life, a result of the Reiki?  Maybe.  I have had a further two sessions and have never felt more relaxed than I do when receiving Reiki.  During the first part of my last session my mind was whirring.  I felt like a filing system sorting everything out that has been running through my head.  It did not feel stressful or overwhelming experiencing this.  It felt like a relief and it was the intense calmness that settled over me that was overwhelming.

Life Coaching

From the very first session with Emma I felt comfortable and relaxed.  This comfortable feeling made me feel confident enough to open up to having coaching.  I have had some success with hypnotherapy in the past in dealing with some of the issues I have been facing, however, this person was no longer available to me.  Emma was so confident that my issues could be completely dealt with in a short space of time that I left the initial consultation filled with hope. 

Coaching isn’t easy but it is definitely worth it.  In my second session I was not able to do what Emma had planned, we tried a couple of times but I wasn’t working with it.  I felt like I had failed.  By the time I left that session, despite not being able to complete the task I wanted to, I felt lifted.  I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

“The next day I was walking into a situation I would previously not have managed.  Not only did I walk in but, with the tools that Emma had armed me with I totally nailed it!”

Emma will be the first to tell you that once you start on this journey of working on yourself you are never the same and want to continue your journey.  There is more work I would like to do with Emma, regular Reiki is my top priority at present, however, the immediate issues that were limiting my life are controlled.  I am happy.  Emma’s professional and kind nature are so reassuring anyone would struggle not to leave her presence feeling happier.

Emma I cannot thank you enough.

Female, Aged 28

Please note some clients request to have their names withheld to maintain their privacy.