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Return to innocence – monthly guidance

Return to innocence monthly guidance January 2018 by Emma Lannigan

Return to innocence

January 2018 Monthly Guidance

When we return to innocence, we return deep within ourselves; our home and our truth. There is nothing more pure than the simplicity of who you are and be in your world.

Each year, whether you have chosen to grow and develop, or you are naturally evolving, you will come across ‘being authentic’. I’ve written about it too. We must however be aware that as more people awaken, the perception of words like authentic and happiness become over used and their meaning gets lost.

We cannot lose is our innocence.

This journey takes us far deeper to learning who we really are. Our great sense of purpose and of service to your world. There is no need to feel afraid of this journey as you are already on it. The pace and speed at which you learn is completely up to you.

There is no race to return to innocence.

There are not shortcuts and no-one knows your answers. It is for you to learn, be aware and embrace your self knowledge. Comparisons will slow you down and even block your journey.

There is a sense of freedom in our innocence.

As you start this new year there is a sense of freedom on this journey of returning to innocence. A freedom where you relax, step back and allow the waters to flow downstream. Your intentions are enough to guide you this month and the rest you can allow to come to you. We can often, quite simply, be the block to our future steps, so this month step out of your own way.

There are things waiting to come to your attention, for you to experience and for you to learn from. This doesn’t mean you can’t do and be what you want this month, but you do need to have been clear of your intentions and of what you want in the first place.

Returning to innocence is a new journey.

This is not a new page or a new chapter; this is the new book. This journey will allow you to be you more than you ever have been before. Allow the word innocence to float in your mind this month and notice and write down what it brings up for you.

With love x

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