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Awakening Your Inner Vision

Vision board with belifehappy

This vision board workshop is designed to awaken, inspire, energise and motivate you to reconnect, recharge and empower your inner happiness. This creative 3 hour workshop aims to help you focus on what you want, instead of focusing on what you don’t want.

Vision Board Workshop Format

This is a creative workshop designed to reconnect you to your inner vision and leaving you feeling recharged and inspired to take action in your life.

We start helping you shake off the outside world so you are ready to focus on you. Then the fun starts as you activate the connection with your unconscious mind and allow the words and pictures to create a picture of what you like or would like to have and be doing in your life.

All materials are supplied including A2 card, magazines, scissors and glue. However if you have particular favourite magazines or specific hobbies like gardening/ cycling/ walking/ photography/ health and fitness/ baking/ travel please bring some of these with you.

In this practical fun, vision board workshop you’ll be surrounded in the best company of other women who are thinking and feeling just like you!

You’ll walk away with..

  • Clarity and focus for what you want
  • Feeling motivated and confident
  • Owning some new funky tools for focus
  • Feel energised about your life again


Saturday 16 February 09:30 – 12:30.

Please Contact Emma to express your interest.


 Not sure if the workshop is for you?

We all get a little lost in direction, it takes us longer to make decisions, we’re not sure what we want anymore, we feel stuck and uninspired by life, and as for purpose in life – that’s just got confused with family and home life.

This workshop creates the space for you to have some time out and focus on what you want, so that you can make decision’s quickly, gaining you more time back, and helping you feel more like you again.


Please get in contact directly to find out more about future workshop dates and to book a private workshop with Emma.

Awakening Your Inner Vision workshop is part of a series written and delivered by author and coach Emma Lannigan. For full details of workshops visit here .