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Open Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm and evening appointments are available.

Coaching & Mentoring

Reconnect to your purpose and passion, recharge your energy and empower your life and business. Each client session is individually designed to support your individual outcomes.

60 minute 1:1 mentoring, £85 (90 mins £125, 2 hrs £150)

Marketing Mentoring sessions are focused insight sessions on your business. Covering marketing issues including growth, visibility, branding, your message to lead generation. Where to start, what to change? We'll focus each session on your needs and work together to build your confidence in your business.

Insight Sessions available for half days £295 and full day £555

Insight sessions include pre work, delivery and follow up email and call. Sessions are available at several venues within the PE area, with access to Peterborough or Stamford train station and off the A1.

60 minute 1:1 coaching £85 (90 mins £125, 2 hrs £150)

These are focused change sessions with interventions and combine NLP, Hypnotherapy and Energy practices and include pre and follow up support. The sessions take you through your specified outcomes, removing blocks and aligning you with your new outcomes. You’ll be looking at approximately 6 - 8 sessions and these are paced either two, three or four weekly.

As with any coaching, it's what you put in that creates the outcomes. These sessions are available online and in person.

Arrange a call about which approach is best for you.

Double appointments £125

These double appointments suit clients who travel further to visit and want to enjoy the benefits of Reiki energy supporting their inner transformations and boosting relaxation and mental clarity. 50 mins of Reiki and 60 min of Coaching or Mentoring and additional 10 minutes for a break and reflection.

Reiki & Coaching £65

90 mins session with approx 30 mins each of Reiki and 1:1 coaching with 15 mins for a break and reflection. These sessions are for individuals who are currently living the change and challenges and want to manage this time by reducing stress and anxiety, and having actionable clear focused steps for each day.


Universal natural healing energy for physical, mental and emotional balance and inner calm.

£45.00 | 75 mins, 60 mins of reiki with 15 mins reflection (target specific physical or emotional issues)

£35.00 | 50 mins, 40 minutes of reiki with 10 mins reflection (preventative/ maintenance sessions)

Reiki Relax

£60.00 | 90 mins Deeply relaxing reiki session with an additional scalp, face, neck, shoulder, arms and hands massage

£55.00 | 75 mins Slowing the pace of life with a relaxing holistic massage infused with the universal energy of reiki

Holistic Massage

All holistic massage treatments support relaxation of mind and body or invigoration for over exercised and tight and tense muscles.

£25.00 | 30 min back & neck massage.

£30.00 | 40 min back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands massage.

*£40.00 | 60 min full body holistic massage tailored to your physical and emotional wellbeing.

£55.00 | 75 min holistic body massage.

(*You can choose to include a scalp and face massage, foot massage or hands and arms within your session.)

Self Care Packages

For regular self care choose:

  • 4 x 60 min reiki session with 15 min reflection £165.00 (save £15)

(Please note price increases as of 1 March 2019.)

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Thinking of someone special or celebrating? A gift of relaxation is available from belifehappy Wellbeing with three gift voucher designs to choose from.

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