Coaching & Mentoring

Reconnect to your purpose and passion, recharge your energy and empower your life and business. Each client session is individually designed to support your individual outcomes.

Your Business

BOOST Your Marketing (1:1 Mentoring, £85, 90 mins £125, 2 hrs £150)

Marketing Mentoring sessions are focused insight sessions on your business. Covering marketing issues including growth, visibility, branding, your message content to lead generation. Where to start, what to change? We'll focus each session on your needs and work together to build your confidence, reduce overwhelm and get align a future plan and actions aimed to deliver growth and success in your business.

Insight BOOSTER Sessions (half days £295 and full day £555)

Insight sessions include pre work, delivery and follow up email and call. Sessions are available at several venues within the PE area, with access to Peterborough or Stamford train station and off the A1.

(Marketing implementation packages are available for mentoring clients.)

Workplace & Group Workshops

Emma's signature self development workshops have been delivered in a number of companies and charity groups. If you have a specific area you would like to work on workshops can be tailored to your needs.

BOOST Your Happy Series:

Be Life Happy (4 simple steps to find happiness)*

Your Time, Less Stress (in 5 easy steps)

Your words matter (boost your communication)

Your Inner Vision (boost your creativity)


*Based on Emma's book: belifehappy: give. play. love. learn

For You

BOOST Your Happy (1:1 coaching £85, 90 mins £125, 2 hrs £150)

These are focused change sessions with interventions and combine NLP, Hypnotherapy and Energy practices and include pre and follow up support. The sessions take you through your specified outcomes, removing blocks and aligning you with your new outcomes. You’ll be looking at approximately 6 - 8 sessions and these are paced either two, three or four weekly.

As with any coaching, it's what you put in that creates the outcomes. These sessions are available online and in person.

Arrange a call about which approach is best for you.

BOOST Your Energy (£222)

1:1 online or in person session to get you moving again when you feel stuck. This involves a pre session questionnaire, 2 hour coaching and energy release session, with 4 weeks of follow up tasks with email accountability and a final check in. Further coaching support also available if required. Boost Your Energy is for one off issues keeping you stuck including generalised anxiety. For more detailed change across your life 1:1 coaching sessions through Boost Your Happy are more suitable.


Universal natural healing energy for physical, mental and emotional balance and inner calm.

£45.00 | 75 mins, 60 mins of reiki with 15 mins reflection (target specific physical or emotional issues)

£35.00 | 50 mins, 40 minutes of reiki with 10 mins reflection (preventative/ maintenance sessions)

Reiki Relax

£60.00 | 90 mins Deeply relaxing reiki session with an additional scalp, face, neck, shoulder, arms and hands massage

£55.00 | 75 mins Slowing the pace of life with a relaxing holistic massage infused with the universal energy of reiki

Usui Reiki Training

Learn the ancient Japanese natural healing system of traditional Usui Reiki. All in person training and attunements, printed manual, lineage and certificate on completion.

£185 | Reiki Level One

£295 | Reiki Level Two (Practitioner Level)

£375 | Reiki Level Three (Master Practitioner)

£195 | Reiki Teacher Training

Work With Emma

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