Empowering Workshops

These workshops are created and delivered by Emma Lannigan founder and author of belifehappy. They are all designed around empowered learning. This allows you to learn, experience and walk away being able to use the new knowledge and tools in your life straight away.

Learn to empower your ideas and decisions so they become authentic, truth centred and supportive of what you want to achieve in your life and business. You get to reconnect or recharge your story.

Within each course and workshop Emma shares her extensive marketing management, mentoring, branding and communication experience, combined with NLP (neuro linguistic progamming) and hypnotherapy techniques and energy work.


Choosing a workshop

You can choose to attend any one of the workshops run by Emma in person or take an online course (coming soon) or request a tailored training for your team or interest group. 

Awakening Your Inner Vision

Creative vision board workshop where you will learn to reconnect to your unconscious mind, guiding you to visually connect with what you want to be experiencing in your life.

Emma shares some vital energy tools that you can use in your daily life and help you create the space for you to pause and reconnect with your inner self.

Either delivered as a 90 minute or 3 hour creative workshop with all materials supplied and workbook.

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Reiki Level One

Learn the ancient Japanese natural healing system of Usui Reiki. Reiki translates into the universal life force energy.

The first degree or level one is taught over two days and you will learn the reiki principles, be attuned to the universal energy, learn meditations, about energy, chakras and how to self treat with Reiki.

My teaching aims to be thorough in supporting your physical, mental and spiritual/ emotional development.

You will receive a complete First Degree Manual, and on completion of the course you will be presented with a certificate. 

The course does not allow you to professionally offer treatments, however you can self treat and treat family and friends and pets. If you choose to continue your Reiki journey to Level Two and offer professionally insured treatments, this two day foundation course is a pre-requisite to further study with myself.

Learning Reiki can be part of your own personal and or spiritual development and it is also a great addition to other complementary therapies, yoga teachers, counsellors, hypnotherapists, coaches, to teachers and healthcare workers.

You will learn the foundations of the Reiki universal energy natural healing system, and be able to start your reiki journey.

Insight Sessions – Self Awakening

For those on a journey looking to for guidance these insight sessions will offer you the time and space to explore. Insight sessions are great when you are feeling lost in life, in your career or relationships, you could be looking for a new direction with your life, health, wellbeing and ready to move forward with a new confidence and energy.

These Insight sessions offer an alternative to coaching sessions being more intensive; yet still working through healing and releasing and developing your journey.

Insight sessions for your self awakening journey include pre session information and follow up support via email and telephone and are available face to face.

Four Steps to Learn Happiness

Introducing the belifehappy philosophy of finding your inner happiness for a lifetime using these four belifehappy principles of give, play, love, learn.

Be ready to apply them to your daily life to increase self awareness, reduce stress and anxiety, and feel more in control of everyday.

The belifehappy philosophy is designed to empower you to use these four principles to check in on the balance across your life. These will also help empower you to always be in control and honour your thoughts and feelings.

Delivered over two 90 minute sessions or as a half day workshop, with workbook and take away exercises and tools to use too.

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Reiki Level Two

Reiki Level Two is a progression from Reiki Level 1.  At this stage you open to the emotional healing and learn to confidently practice Reiki to a professional level.

You review your learnings and experiences from Level One and be introduced to the Reiki symbols. You will learn what they mean and how to draw them. These were once kept a secret and passed through teaching. Now with the internet you can find these symbols, however this is not the same as knowing how to use them, where and when to use them and share them with the highest intention for the receiver, your client.

During this 2 day course we will also cover more about the chakras and learn and discuss how Reiki is delivered professionally as a practice, so you can offer Reiki as a business, or as an additional service for example.

Along with your Level Two attunement you will also receive a printed manual and on completion of the two day course and a series of case studies you will receive your certificate.

Learning Reiki can be part of your own personal and or spiritual development and it is also a great addition to other complementary therapies, yoga teachers, counsellors, hypnotherapists, coaches, to educational teachers, managers, business owners and healthcare workers.

Insight Sessions – Business

Insight sessions for business owners of idea and pre start up to established, these sessions offer more in depth support than 1:1 mentoring sessions. During the Insight session you have the opportunity to explore your business from a holistic marketing review. Focusing on chosen elements of your business that matter to you and the development, growth and visibility of your business. From purpose, consumer profiles, start up plans, branding, professional profiles, message, promotional campaigns to social media approaches. We'll work together.

Each Insight session is supported before and after the session. Each session is up to 4 hours and these are available based in Eventus, Market Deeping or Allia Business Centre, Peterborough.

Workshops & Event Dates

13 May: Sponsored Charity Event - Deeping Walk Happy 2018, Market Deeping

16-17 June: Reiki Level 1 Training (weekend)

19 July: Talk: Relationship with Words
Deepings Community Library, Market Deeping 7-9pm
Tickets, £5 direct from the venue:

21 July: Awakening Your Inner Vision - vision board workshop (morning)

11-12 August: Reiki Level 2 Training (weekend)

15-16 September: Reiki Level 2 Training (weekend)

6 December: Talk: Boost Festive Cheer
Deepings Community Library, Market Deeping 7-9pm
Tickets, £5 direct from the venue:

Please get in contact directly for information about future workshop and training dates in 2018 and to organise your own private workshop or event with Emma. Get More Details

What attendees say

“I came on this workshop as the continuation of personal development sounded interesting. I try to go with few expectations, but I think this workshop has been accurate in terms of the theme of the workshop. Meeting new people and learning a new approach, plus being reminded of some techniques I already know has been helpful. The part of the workshop I found I didn’t enjoy the most was the self reflection, but that isn’t always easy, but it’s important. The workshop has been a worthwhile way to spend a morning learning something new which will have a positive effect on life it you let it.”

H.O, Four Steps to Learn Happiness, May 2017


“I would recommend this workshop. It’s early days but it has helped. It was good to talk with like minded people and I would recommend it to anyone who has similar problems including stress and anxiety.”

J.N, Four Steps to Learn Happiness, May 2017


“Excellent grounding in marketing and essential information on social media. Well taught and fun.” SM- Essential Marketing

Excellent Grounding

“I have found Emma to be highly motivated and a first class professional in all aspects of her work. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her work is infectious and I would not hesitate in recommending Emma to anyone looking for a refreshing and positive approach to the wellbeing and life coaching elements of belifehappy.”

Owner at Looking After Eve, MBACP registered Counsellor and Tutor at City College, Peterborough

Refreshing and Positive

“I would love to work with Emma more. I find her passion infectious and I feel calm and lighter after being around her. She is a natural motivator.”

S.W, Create Your Vision, March 2016

Natural Motivator

“Thank you for a lovely morning. I felt rather emotional at the beginning of the session when we were talking about being ‘happy’. Now I’m leaving feeling positive. Thank you.”

M.T, Create Your Vision, March 2016

Feeling Positive

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It was fun and empowering.”

E.J, Create Your Vision, March 2016

Fun and Empowering

“Excellent day/ morning workshop which was worth the drive and the money. I’ve got a lot out of being here.” M.H, Create Your Vision 2016


Why self development?

Understanding ourselves has become more important to unlock blocks in our personal lives and business progress. Self awareness is cool, where you learn it will be the difference to how you use it in your life.

  • The self awareness you forgot about
  • Understanding how you communicate with yourself and others
  • New learning about what is actually important to you; your real focus
  • More time and energy
  • Self belief and confidence in your life and new ideas
  • New tools to plan, prepare and take action

Your Journey Starts Here

Focus or combine a mix of practical tools with energy and watch how they start working in your life. Session are designed for either individuals or to be used in your business.

  • Awakening Your Inner Vision (vision board)
  • Four Steps to Learn Happiness (for a Lifetime)
  • Insight Sessions - (half day self journey)
  • Insight Sessions - (half day business)
  • Awakening Your Inner Voice (coming soon)
  • Awakening Your Heart (coming soon)

Get Your Space Booked on the Next Workshop

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