All courses are designed around empowered learning. This allows you to learn, experience and walk away being able to use the new knowledge and tools in your life straight away.

Learn to empower your ideas and decisions so they become authentic, truth centred and supportive of what you want to achieve in your life and business.

You get to energise and lift your life.

Workshops are available for private groups and organisations and topics can be adjusted to the audience's requirements.

Boost Your Happy (4 Simple Steps)

Based on Emma's self help book belifehappy, this is a lighter version of a 3 hour workshop providing an introduction to the 4 belifehappy steps of give, play, love, learn. It covers what is happiness, the key areas of life and how we can apply the four steps to them and empower our choices and experiences. It’s a discussion based thought provoking workshop to allow you to raise your self awareness around specific areas of life and feel calmer and happier. Everyone walks away with 4 simple steps to remind them how to come back to now and enjoy their happy. Suitable for up to 24 attendees seated in groups around a table for group interaction.

Boost Your Time with Less Stress (5 easy steps)

Understanding the concept of busy, reviewing how you invest your time, change your perception with 5 time saving tips, understanding your passions (values) and taking empowered action. The session includes deep breathing, practical planners, workbooks and discussion. Great for anyone who feels a bit overwhelmed with life at times and feeling they spend more time doing things they don’t want rather than what they do want. Suitable for up to 24 attendees seated in groups around a table for group interaction.

Relationship With Words

Covering what influences your communication, key representational systems of communication - how we communicate with ourselves and others, the energy and intention of our communication, reframing our language, listening and mirroring. Great for self awareness, confidence, understanding other people and having more effective outcomes from how we communicate. Suitable for up to 24 attendees seated in groups around a table for group interaction.

Vision Board Workshop

The workshop gives you space to be creative and allow your unconscious mind time to play. Before we start the vision boards, we talk about what they are, how they can help us and share some mind body communication techniques to clear the daily busy thoughts away. All materials supplied with workbook. Suitable for up to 14 attendees

Corporate Wellness Services

1:1 Coaching Sessions

As a NLP Practitioner and Coach and Mental Health First Aider I am available to offer 1:1 coaching sessions and listening sessions, where I can offer practical steps for any employees who want to learn/ discuss and discover new perspectives and tools to support them in their life.

Reiki Taster Sessions

15-20 minute Seated Taster Reiki Sessions with music, to allow for deeper level of relaxation for mind and body either as a full day or half day. (All sessions require a taster form completing by each employee for safety and insurance.)

Reiki Training

Guidance for Training

Reiki Level 1 to 2 is a minimum of 3 months (however you will know when you are ready). At least 12 months from Level 1 to 3a. And you can choose whether you complete your Master Teacher training at the same time, however I would advise at least 6-12 months between a and b so you become familiar with the master symbol and energy.

All training includes in person teaching, attunements, printed manual, lineage, practical learning, certificate on completion, refreshments and light snacks throughout the day. Training also includes suggested mentoring for this level provided through Reiki Shares, email/ telephone support and a private Facebook group for Students.

Reiki Level One

Learn about the history of Reiki, what is energy, chakras, meditation, relaxation, visualisation, self healing and healing sequence for friends and family. Receive your first Reiki attunement to connect to the universal healing energy. (This is for self healing and a foundation to Level II.)

Learning Reiki can be part of your own personal and or spiritual development and it is also a great addition to other complementary therapies, yoga teachers, counsellors, hypnotherapists, coaches, to teachers and healthcare workers.

Reiki Level Two

Develop your learning about Reiki and raise your energy vibration with Second degree attunements and learning three Reiki Symbols and how to use them. Includes practical learning and professional conduct for those planning to get insurance and professionally practice.

Along with your Level Two attunement you will also receive a printed manual and on completion of the two day course and a series of case studies you will receive your certificate.

Reiki Level Three

Reiki Level III (a) - Master Practitioner Training

Discussion and reflection of learnings. Raising energy connection through the master symbol and attunement and learning how to use it. A space for advancement of your Reiki practice professionally and spiritually.

Reiki Level III (b) - Reiki Master Teacher

Discussion and reflection of learnings. Learning how to attune others. Developing your practice and sharing your learnings with others.

Your Next Workshop

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