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Wrapping Up 2018

Wrapping Up 2018 - Emma Lannigan

Nearly wrapping up 2018 and I’m feeling massive gratitude while I reflect across the year. Next year I’m changing up how I can support more of you into 2019. Why? Well, 2019 is the year of Insights and Action for me, and for you!

Wrapping up with Gratitude

I am really blessed to work 1:1 with amazing clients – and I’m not just saying that – I mean it with all my heart. These are individuals in different professions to business owners who lead demanding lives and pressed the BIG PAUSE BUTTON to help them get back control of their life.

They have allowed themselves to go DEEP and LEARN who they are today, accept and heal what’s not supporting them and most of all, take HUGE ACTION (they really have) to create positive, healthy changes in their life.

And it’s not just in coaching sessions, many clients experience these benefits from Reiki too. That’s why some even go on to learn and train in Reiki at Level 1 and Level 2.

Wrapping Up with Inspiration

Working with me is a journey, so I also get to build amazing relationships with my clients. It’s not all sunshine and blue skies – we’re working together to create change and healing so they are no longer TRAPPED by life and instead have the FREEDOM to be themselves again.

That’s why I have so much respect and love for everyone who chooses to work with me – they are braver than they know and watching them all as they blossom is an absolute honour.

Change is constant – we all know that, and we adapt to change when we are ready. Some are on it, some thinking about it and others scared of what if and what might happen. We are all unique and just want the same thing – to be healthy and happy in our life.

Wrapping Up with New Energy

For next year, I’m excited to be sharing new support, without limitation of time and location. New online courses are coming and I’m working with a super amazing coach and team in London to guide me. Investing in ourselves and our businesses is hugely rewarding and energising (so watch out!) The first courses will be focused on self development and wellbeing and bringing the belifehappy philosophy alive. Then I’ll be bringing some valuable marketing course content online too.

It’s 10 years next October when I started the belifehappy blog and it was December 2009 when the website went live. From 3 years of blogs the site then became the book belifehappy: give. play. love. learn, sharing my story of finding happiness for a lifetime, self published in 2015. I didn’t want anymore quick fixes or sticking plasters, I wanted something I could keep. I did find it. It took a lot of learning, healing and self love, and to share these learnings is, and always will be, the best gift I could ever receive.

Thank You

Just this week a client commented in a message: “It’s changed my life coming to see you.” I always listen to clients and one thing for sure is how transformational the sessions have been at a personal and business level. Another client working with me on their business launch and self development went from part time to full time in their business to fully booked over 6 months (and that’s their hard work and commitment!) Clients are benefiting from the deeper level of change, awareness and energy and sharing this across all areas of their life and in their business.

Really amazing learnings and reflection for me this year, I’ve loved it! And thank you.

I’m taking some time off over the holidays from Saturday 22 December and will be offline for the first week. I’m then getting my new workspace decorated and ready to welcome back clients from Friday 4 January. And if you’re feeling inspired to take action in 2019, check out the note below about a new online course I’m running from 21 January!

Now this leaves me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2019. Thank you for your support and kindness throughout the year and let’s make 2019 a year of even more magic :-)

With Love


Emma x


P.S Are you looking to start your journey in 2019? I have cleared my diary at the end of January to run an online course: Start to find you again, in 2 weeks (without feeling guilting or selfish). It’s limited to 8-10 people so I can give you my absolute all. Here’s the details and how to book a space. 

To find out about working with me 1:1 send a message here.