Hello, I'm Emma

A Multidimensional Guide for Your Life & Business

Guidance for your soul growth and journey.

As a soul led, compassionate, empathetic leader, entrepreneur or business owner, connecting deeper with your soul purpose and mission helps your vision remain strong and your impact stronger.

Together we will align your energy through your growth phases, healing present life and past life wounds impacting your growth, and strengthening your higher self connection.

You're here to be seen

In our multidimensional new world we are experiencing a rebirth. You've already experienced much of your own awakening, but until now you've kept your insights to close to yourself.

It's the fear of sharing our truth and our ancient wisdom and more so our own unique ancient gifts.

In this new world therapists, coaches, counsellors, teachers, authors, therapists, entrepreneurs just like you are stepping out of your 3D world limitations to embrace the multidimensional energy and consciousness your truth is guiding you to share now.

It's time to heal those present life, past life and ancestral blocks to gift you the freedom to be seen, and continue to help others on their soul mission.

"I think what makes Emma unique is her down to earth approach, her honesty and genuineness and her incredible positive and motivating energy - it is infectious. "

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

 Jo Oliver, Private Counsellor, Manchester

One to One

Understanding and building your higher self connection and energy awareness helps you feel more positive and aligned with what you're choosing.

As an experienced Reiki Master Teacher I'll guide you through your own healing and self discovery journey to enrich your personal and professional life.

I'm a multidimensional coach working with a tried and tested tool bag that's helped support many others (including my own healing journey.)

Together we can work on helping you from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, scared of growing to healing and feeling aligned so you can live and work from your higher heart once again.

Distance Healing & Guidance

Everyone and thing has a vibrational energy frequency. As we change and evolve through our life some of the energy we have carried from earlier in this lifetime to previous lifetimes may no longer vibrate at the same level.

Welcoming healing in past lifetimes and ancestral patterns can help release you in this lifetime.

Through Distance Healing Sessions or Akashic Readings and Akashic Healing you can begin a deeper exploration and uncover insights and experience energy shifts to allow you to move forward.

Learn Reiki

Reiki is universal healing energy and learning this ancient Japanese healing system is a great foundation to energy work, connecting with your higher self, learning to trust your intuition, feel more grounded, and develop your self awareness and love yourself and truth.

I teach Usui Reiki from Level 1 Foundation, Level 2 Practitioner and Level 3 Master Practitioner and Master Teacher. All training meets National Occupational Standards and Guidance if you are considering practicing professionally, and all teaching is either live online or in person based in South Lincolnshire, near Stamford and off the A1.

Reiki is a transformational energy and will teach you to self heal, be more mindful and intentional in your life, to feel more gratitude, to see, hear and feel more of your life, to feel calmer, more centred and able to manage the ups and the downs in everyday life with much more ease.

Soul Guidance for a New World

Bringing together and supporting awakened individuals, therapists, teachers, mentors, coaches, entrepreneurs, business owners to explore and develop your soul connection, alignment and guidance.

The ELC launched in January 2020 and is currently taking a Winter pause to refresh and reopen in Spring 2022.

The ELC is your space to continue your healing and development as you create and build your impact through your unique ancient magic, (whether you've found it or not!)

This is your receiving space to continue your learning and soul growth.

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"Your insight, support and practical advice has really made an immense difference. It helped me to align with my programmes, really feel in flow with what I was doing, which gave me a confidence I wouldn’t have had without that. Not to mention helping me really make the mind shift from taking my work from ‘hobby’ to business."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Nicola Tonsager, Business Owner

About me

Energy changed my life. Working with energy and learning about energy helped me connect deeper and deeper and gave me more meaning, purpose and joy to all areas of my life and in my business.

I bring two decades of working with businesses and over a decade of working with coaches, authors, entreprenuers, counsellors, therapists and mentors all wanting to develop and grow.

I’m the author of belifehappy: give play love learn published in 2015. I’ve helped hundreds of individuals feel empowered by their own energy in 1-1 work, in my membership and workshops.

Energy is at the core of who I am - a space where I am connected and become a connector, communicator and conduit for soul guidance.

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Being Happy

Being happy – have we lost the truth about finding and being happy within? Join Emma Lannigan, author of belifehappy and learn how you can be happy again.

What is healing with a closer look at Reiki and energy fields

What is healing?

We hear about healing and being healed, but what does it really mean? When we talk about healing it suggests more than physical recovery, and we can easily associate and understand what physical healing is. We break a bone or cut our skin and it heals; knitting back together. It’s really very clever stuff. Healing…

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Mind Full

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Ready to Get Started?

I'm here for when you are ready to make the next big shift in your life and business.

Where the growth is ahead of you and you're not sure whether it's you or something in your business that's holding you back.

Working with me One to One you'll experience a blend of marketing strategy, NLP, coaching and energy alignment and intuitive guidance to help you walk away with focus, real actions, accountability and feeling energised.

I bring with me my wealth of professional as well as life experiences and energy guidance to help you find your truth.

It's not for everyone, but if you're here to make a difference through your professional career or business you're in the right place.

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