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Learning Reiki invites you to raise your self awareness through meditation, relaxation, visualisation and self healing.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing system which has been practiced across the western world since the late 1940's.

Practiced in hospitals across the NHS, Reiki can be used as a self development tool and you can train to practice professionally or use with your clients in therapy, coaching, teaching and training.

There are three levels to Reiki training and these can be completed within 12 months.

Training is available one to one online for theory with a follow up in person practical day, or in person weekend group training (currently unavailable due to Covid-19).

Reiki Level One

(Shoden - First Teachings)

Learn about the history of Reiki, what is energy, chakras, meditation, relaxation, visualisation, self healing and healing sequence for friends and family. Receive your first Reiki attunement to connect to the universal healing energy. (This is for self healing and a foundation to Level II.)

Reiki Level Two

(Okunden - Inner Teachings)

This training deepens your inner healing working with and being attuned to the three practitioner symbols. With further work around the chakras and auric field you'll also learn current requirements for professional practice including practical treatments.

Reiki Level Three

(Shinpiden - Mystery Teachings)

Master Practitioner Level introduces you to the mystery teachings. You take your Reiki learning further with the Master symbol and your attunement to this insightful healing energy.

At Level 3 you advance your practice and insights.

Empowered Living With Reiki

After working with Reiki, energy and self development for the last decade I see a calling for a new experience in learning. This new teaching allows you to follow a programme of learning Reiki alongside expanding your awareness and self development.

The new programme will offer the opportunity to learn Reiki throughout the 12 month programme through to Master Practitioner Level. You will have access to the Empowered Living Club for 12 months and you can upgrade to 1:1 sessions with me to deepen your learnings, healing and development.

At the end you'll have invested in 12 months of self healing, inner work and self development to assist in strengthening your mindset, emotional resilience and inner knowing for future growth.

Experience Reiki

Based in Market Deeping in South Lincolnshire I run a Reiki Clinic where you can experience the holistic benefits of Reiki. Each in person session begins with a brief consultation and check in and then closed with reflection and insight time.

Currently no in person sessions are available due to Covid-19.

As an alternative to in person sessions you can also book and receive distance healing sessions. These sessions require a brief phone consultation.

Reiki becomes an experience you want to continue with and in time of change or growth you might find more regular sessions help restore your natural balance. Then for maintenance sessions you can choose the frequency from three, four or six weekly.

I also offer half day sessions where you can come and visit experience Reiki and explore and discuss your energy.

When Business, Coaching & Reiki Collide

"Even though I am based in Manchester, our One to One sessions worked really well via Skype. I can honestly say that without my sessions with Emma I would not have had the confidence, self-belief nor motivation to set up my own counselling website and be nearly ready to launch my own business.  I have been talking about it for years - and now it is finally a reality! I have used three of Emma's services - firstly coaching, secondly Distance Reiki, and thirdly Marketing Mentoring.

She definitely has a special touch and offers so much more than the professionalism and expertise in what she does. I think what makes her unique is her down to earth approach, her honesty and genuineness and her incredible positive and motivating energy - it is infectious.

I would recommend her to anyone who isn't feeling truly fulfilled with where they are or what they are doing in their life, needs help in setting clear lifelong goals (both personal and business) or has any limiting beliefs stopping them from doing what they truly want to achieve."

Joanne Oliver, Private Counsellor, Manchester

Start Learning Reiki

Reiki is a journey that restores the natural balance in your mind, body and spirit and the more your receive it or work with it, the more Reiki becomes a guiding journey. All the time benefiting yourself and all those who share your world.

I've practiced since 2009 and since 2010 as a master practitioner along side being an ITEC holistic massage therapist. In 2017 I decided to train to teach Reiki and continue my lineage through my teaching manuals.

I teach to National Occupational Standards (NOS) which means I teach in person (which can include via Zoom) and all practical teaching, training and attunements are in person. This is the only way you can receive a valid Reiki Certificate in the UK. So should you decide to practice professionally and apply to go on the CNHC register then your training with me will be to current standards. I also provide ongoing mentoring and support through a private Facebook Group for students, Reiki shares and workshops.

To train across all levels within one year it is advised to start Level 2 three months after Level 1, and Level 3 at least 9 months after Level 1. As your teacher I will help support you with your training and development.

Reiki is a spiritual self development practice and used with the highest intentions, has immensely transformational benefits across all areas of your life.

If you're not ready to learn Reiki my online membership club offers monthly distance reiki and energy insights and more every month

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Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Learning Reiki has been wonderful - really helped me feel much calmer and focused!

Reiki Student, Business Owner
Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Things that irritated me just seemed to stop after learning reiki!

Reiki Student, Business Owner
Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

It's massively shifted my energy and how I see and feel about my life.

Reiki Student, Business Owner