Akashic Records

The Akashic Records or Akashic Library is a space to access new awareness to assist with your growth.

As you connect to your own Akashic Record you have access to all your soul’s experiences in this present lifetime and previous past lifetimes. This knowledge identifies all events, experiences, patterns, programmes, attachments all creating restrictions around your growth.

The Akashic Library is your higher pathway to growth.

How it Works

Through key information as a trained facilitator I am able to access your Akashic Records. Within a full reading specific questions are asked directly into your Soul Records, which we call a protocol. The answers then create a Soul Story which represents information which will assist in your awareness, healing and lead to breakthroughs.

Following a reading you can move through to the Clearing and Healing phase where your Akashic Records are reset and restored, releasing the patterns and programmes which have been identified to help you at this present time.

Access transformational awareness to achieve new levels of growth.

The Transformation

In your physical 3 dimensional everyday life, you are surrounded by noise and distractions. These can lead you to ignore your inner voice and make choices which lead you away from your highest path and purpose at soul level. It’s when you start to seek and search and become curious about who you are, and ask why am I not able to have particular experiences, then it’s time to connect to the higher aspects of yourself.

The transformation occurs over time after the clearing phase. For some aspects the integration can be within days, weeks, some months. The impact of the Akashic Reading and the Clearing allows you to see your world and yourself with new eyes. Eyes that are no longer influenced by negative attachments, programmes and energies.

You are able to seek more aligned solutions, make faster decisions, bring more aligned people into your life, create from aligned ideas.

Clients Have Experienced

Greater Confidence

Reduced Anxiety

Financial Health

Better Client Relationships

New Promotions and Career Moves

New Homes

Greater Clarity for Business Growth

Aligned Relationships

Improved Self Worth

New Opportunities

Changed Emotional Reactions (No anger/ resentment)

A sense of letting the past go

Choose Your Reading


Over 4-5 weeks

  • Soul Profile Report
  • Past and Present Akashic Record Reading
  • Audio Reading
  • Remote Clearing
  • Personalised Integration Decree
  • WhatsApp support up to one week after the clearing
  • Follow Up and Check In by Email



Over 6-12 weeks

  • Soul Profile Report
  • Past and Present Life Reading and 1 Additional Reading
  • Downloadable Private Video and Transcript of Reading
  • Up to 60 mins Zoom Review
  • Remote Advanced Clearing and Healing Session
  • Two Personalised Integration Decrees
  • WhatsApp Support
  • 1-1 Energy Mentoring & Follow Up via Zoom
  • 1-1 Remote Akashic Healing & Guidance Session


Choose Additional Reading: Ancestral/ Relationships/ Business/ Property

Advanced Clearing & Healing includes more advanced techniques to support the upgrade and development of your energetic bodies.


Over 6 - 12 months we will work through each reading and clearing with a coaching and development focus. In addition to receiving all the Akashic Readings, you will have access to further Akashic Soul Level Healing and Guidance and Mentoring support as you integrate and move through your inner and outter transformation.

  • Soul Profile Report
  • Past and Present Life Reading
  • Ancestral Reading
  • Relationship Reading
  • Business Reading
  • Property/ Home/ Land Reading
  • Downloadable Private Video and Transcript of Readings
  • Up to 60 mins Zoom Review for each Reading
  • X4 Remote Advanced Clearing and Healing Sessions
  • Personalised Integration Decrees
  • Supportive Resources and Tools
  • WhatsApp Support
  • 1-1 Energy Mentoring & Follow Up via Zoom
  • 1-1 Remote Akashic Healing & Guidance Session


Additional Support

Mentoring & Remote Healing Packages

x3 Sessions of Remote Healing & Guidance and x3 Sessions of Zoom Mentoring with WhatsApp support. Recommended over 3 months.


x6 Sessions of Remote Healing & Guidance and x6 Sessions of Zoom Mentoring with WhatsApp support. Recommended over 6 months.


Payment Plans Available

What Next

Life After Your Akashic Record Reading

After your Akashic Record Reading you might want to continue to explore this new higher aspect of yourself. Connecting more and learning more.

You can choose to add extra mentoring sessions or remote healing sessions and join my online membership the Mastery Portal.

1-1 60 mins Energy Mentoring via Zoom


1-1 Remote Akashic Enquiries & Clearing


1-1 Remote Akashic/ Quantum Healing & Guidance Sessions


Mastery Portal Monthly Membership


Reiki Attunements

Learn Reiki to develop your self healing and enhance your spiritual tool kit.

Additional Readings

Ancestral Reading

The Ancestral Reading is a natural follow on where the first reading highlights further connections to your ancestors. Where there are negative influences being passed down with negative patterns and learnings which no longer support you, or have never been yours, then this reading and clearing will break these patterns.

Relationship Reading

The Relationship Reading focuses in on relationships across your life. Again identifying connections, energy programmes and negative influences within the relationship.

This can help you through awareness to understand a different perspective and also welcome clearing and healing to release these negative influences.

Land & Property Reading

The Land and Property Reading is very interesting for all types of property where you want to understand more about what energy is being held within it.

This reading will identify what is within the fabric of a property, underneath and around the property.

Business Reading

The Business Reading identifies whether there are any negative influences and energy programmes attached to the business. It also looks at portal ways and gateways where energy is leaking or being withdrawn.

An energetic review of your business which comes with a clearing to reset the energy.

Arrange a call to get started

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I entered into the Akashic Record Healing recently after a few years of working hard to change my life and to heal myself from daily anxiety. The result of the healing has been profound! I feel calmer, more confident & stronger than I ever remember, I have faith that everything is unfolding positively in my life & am clearer than ever about my purpose, future & potential. Emma is always professional, approachable & relatable. She explains the Akashic process clearly, what will happen at each stage, how you might feel & what you need to then do. All the information in the record is presented in a clear format & all subsequent materials are easy to follow. Emma is a beautiful & gifted human being who is using her knowledge to help others achieve their potential.

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

G.W. - Fashion Entrepreneur

What to expect

Here's what you can expect from the initial reading:

Your Reading

From booking your Akashic Reading you can expect your reading within 10 working days by email. I follow a detailed protocol of questions to ask your Akashic Records and this is presented in your audio/ video reading. You therefore don't need to give any information about your present situation (unless you feel you need to). You will be requested to share some personal information by email for Emma to access your records.*

Akashic Review Session

We follow up with a 1-1 Zoom session for up to one hour. This session is an opportunity to go through your reading and ask any questions you have.

Clearing & Healing Session

This session is delivered by distance healing (with no technology). It involves a clearing decree and then personalised distance quantum healing. If any further insights or guidance is given during this session you will be sent a private Vimeo link to view the guidance by video.

(You will be sent aftercare guidance to support you following your distance healing session. If you have any current or ongoing medical conditions please advise Emma of these during your Akashic Review.)

21 Day Healing Decree

For the following 21 days you will be required as part of the integration to read a healing decree every day. You may also be required to follow a meditation depending on your individual healing. These require your commitment for you to experience the full integration benefits. You will have access to contact Emma via WhatsApp for any support during the integration period.

Follow Up Review

After 21 days your healing is complete and your Akashic Records are updated. At this point you will be advised when to stop reading the healing decree.

You have the option to book in a follow up review to chat through your experiences.

*(All sensitive data is not saved or stored electronically after your reading.)

Emma Lannigan - The Growth Energy Coach

I'm Emma...

I've been working professionally with energy healing and clearing since 2009.

My experiences with death appears to accelerate my own soul growth. In 2008 after the sudden death of my Dad I started exploring who I was and my purpose here. Over the next 11 years I retrained from a marketing career to holistic therapy, Reiki and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coaching. Alongside professional practice I continued my own self healing work. Then in 2019 when my sister died from secondary breast cancer at 46 years old, I took a few months off to heal and adjust. During that time I felt a new excitement for energy work.

Through an online membership I created (the Mastery Portal) I practiced distance healing and my channelling abilities took me into a very new space. I was working in ways I hadn't before and I felt very at home and comfortable.

Through a mentor and friend I was steered in the direction of Akashic Record Reading. What I soon realised was I was doing something similar with clients, but this new approach, structure and healing techniques was just what I needed to continue to develop.

Since 2009 I had always been drawn to fast, transformative and effective healing, and working in the Akashic space offers quantum healing and high dimensional guidance.

I'm very excited to be growing in this new direction and being able to support inspiring individuals and they lead and share such positive visions across our world.

There are elements of both my physical and emotional experiences which make more sense after my reading and I felt things shift as part of this process so I'm pleased I had a reading done. I have less physical discomfort in certain areas of my body since going through this process, I also feel reassured about who I am and some of my life choices. I would definitely recommend Emma to anyone considering having a reading.

H.O. - Financial Business Leader


Q Why does it take 10-14 working days from booking to receive my reading?
This time window allows your reading to be scheduled and also allows for any interference. Interference can occur through accessing your soul records, to my own health. Reading the records requires a clear focus and this time window allows this space to happen.
Q Can anyone have an Akashic Record Reading?
Yes anyone who requests an Akashic Record Reading can have one. You cannot access someone else's records without their permission and access information. You might not want to have a reading if you have had one in the past 12 months. And it's important to remember this is not a passive experience. You will be required to attend the review session, and the clearing and healing and carry out the the integration healing decree for the specified period.
Q What do I have to do for the remote clearing and healing session?
We will arrange and book in a date and time for this session. It is best to allow up to 50-50 minutes. The session itself allows the decree to be read by myself into your Akashic Records. This is then followed by a remote Akashic Healing session. It takes approximately 40-45 minutes and I recommend you rest for a further 5-10 minutes to allow the energies to start to integrate.
During the session you can sit in a chair or lay down. Be comfortable and have a glass of water by your side to drink at the end of the session. Set an alarm for 50 - 60 mins on your phone and press do not disturb. Close your eyes at the start of the session, take 10 to 15 long deep breaths and allow your breathing to return to your normal, natural pace.
Throughout the session you might feel different sensations in your body, however as the healing takes place in the quantum fields, anything you feel physically is a result of your deep relaxation and openness to receive this clearing and healing.
At the end of the session you are asked to send a WhatsApp message to confirm you are awake. Full details to prepare for this session are sent via email.
Q Will the reading include information about people I know?
The records will share information which is relevant for your healing right now. This may include family members, spouses, partners, colleagues, business partners etc. It is often the case these individuals have no conscious awareness of their influence in your present life. This is discussed with you during the Review where relevant.
Q What if I don't have time to do the healing decrees?
You will be required to do the 21 day healing decrees for the main reading. This integration period is essential to support the clearing and healing session. If you don't have a window of time to do this, then wait until you do so you get to have the full benefits of your reading.
Q How long can I contact you with questions via WhatsApp?
For the Explore and Transform Akashic Packages you will have access to message any questions about the process from start to final check in.
All clients can send direct WhatsApp messages in the days following the clearing and healing session. This is confirmed at the time of your booking.
Once your Akashic process is complete, the on going support is completed. However you are welcome to get in touch for future mentoring and or healing sessions.
Q What if I need to reschedule my reading or cancel it? (refunds policy)
You will be notified as to when your reading is scheduled. If you want to reschedule you can do this, however please email as soon as possible. A reading takes a snap shot so you can pause between the Review and the Clearing and Healing to work around your schedule too.
There are no refunds. Work will start once we have had your initial call and your confirmation and payment is received.
Q How is my sensitive information held?
You will be required to share by email sensitive identification details including name at birth, date of birth, place of birth and current location (town). This information is required to access your Akashic Records. It is not stored electronically or by paper. It is destroyed / deleted once used.
Q I don't have or use email or WhatsApp can you send the information another way?
Using email and WhatsApp are the safest ways to share information. Therefore the only way communication is shared with clients. We also use Zoom for video call sessions.
Q How long does it take to feel the influence of the Akashic Record Update?
The clearing can take place immediately and throughout the integration. However the impact of the update to your soul records can take weeks to months to be experienced. In ways you think and feel about events may be different to how you previously would have felt.
Q Is there other soul work I can do with you?
Yes, after your Akashic Record Reading if you would like to continue this work there are a number of ways we can work together. You can choose from 1-1 mentoring, 1-1 Distance Akashic Healing and Channelled Guidance, or join the M (Mastery) Portal where you can work at your own pace in a high vibrational community and receive monthly collective group distance healing and channeled guidance.