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When standing in your true self is what matters most to you.

Through your leadership or your business you have a vision to touch and transform other people’s lives.
As a compassionate business leader or owner you are there for everyone else. The ELC is here for you.

For Spiritually Curious Leaders..

You know your curiosity for your inner self work has opened and awakened new insights into who you are. 
As you grow and develop your business and your vision, strengthening your connection to self, it helps your inner guidance develop and work with you too, feeling supported from within.
Inside the ELC a space is held for you to expand within for you to share into your world.

"I run my business on my own and everything comes from me - it's tough. Knowing there is support or practical guidance makes me feel like I'm not on my own. And it actually helps me take action and move forward."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Nicola - Medium, Teacher, Mentor

Joining this community is for awakened and empowered leaders who want to experience enlightened living.

You want a space and community where you can be:
  • Yourself
  • Honest about your successes and challenges
  • Challenged about your thoughts and perspectives
  • Heard and supported in your life and business
  • Surrounded with others who understand you
  • Expanding your intentions and focus
  • Accountable for taking action
  • Learning new insights from each other and guests
  • Calm, centred and grounded
  • Connected to spirit and higher vibrational guidance
  • Able to maintain your positive headspace
  • Reminded of the importance of self and self love

“In this last year the ELC has really helped me. It’s made me check in, feel strong and confident and remind me of my impact.”

Inside we cover..

Focus on your SELF and ENERGY leads us inside the ELC. For those in business you are heard and there are resources and support  for you.

Energy Boundaries

Future Visions and Visualisation

Planning Goals and Intentions

Self Talk and Communication

Self Awareness and Reflection


Self Love

Money & Wealth

Spiritual Wellbeing

Mind and Body Health

Business Growth through Marketing

Club Focus Challenges

Marketing Coaching and Mindset for Business Owners

Find your pace and support

3 Levels To Join

Memberships for you



AWAKEN allows you to be in a community space for you to build your connection with self and your energy. Feeling supported at your own pace. This level of membership will help you explore and move closer to 5D empowerment.
Am I a life leader - Emma Lannigan


The EMPOWER Membership is designed for you when you have transitioned from the 4D bridge into 5D Empowerment. The additional feedback boosts your accountability and action, especially for when you are in a growth or transformational phase in life or business.
Lifted Lounge online community for business owners


The Enlighten Membership is designed for when you want to work at a deeper more transformational level. Call it a supported acceleration on your journey.
(Limited and Application only.)

Am I A Life Leader? What is 5D Empowered Living?

"Emma your connection insights and guidance is mind blowing. I could never have imagined we would receive such pure direct feedback from the ‘universe'. It is incredible. It’s so powerful thank you."

Gillian, ELC Empower Member

The right membership for you



  • Exclusive FB Group
  • Weekly Coaching Prompts
  • Monthly Affirmations
  • Monthly Tutorial (video & workbook)
  • Library of Resources
  • 2 Group Distance Healing & Guided Energy Reports
  • ELC Member Insights by Email
Be part of a high vibe community of business leaders and owners and enjoy the support and insights.
Am I a life leader - Emma Lannigan


All Awaken Membership features with more direct interaction:

  • FB Weekly Coaching Prompts with Accountability
  • Monthly Guest Live Interviews
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Member Spotlight Opportunities
  • Access to Free & Discounted Workshops & Online Courses
  • 1:1 Priority Access at ELC Member fees

Self, Strategy & Energy

It’s a pretty niche space to want to work on yourself as well as your business at this level of truth. That’s why the ELC is not for everyone. It’s not for you if you are:
  • Not good at giving and sharing
  • Waiting to find answers outside of you
  • Not ready to commit to yourself
  • Sceptical about energy work
  • Afraid of change
  • Not ready to make a difference in your life and business
  • Not open to the truth within you

"I created the elc to hold space for leaders and business owners who were exploring their spiritual self in their work, just like I was many years ago."

Marketing Coaching and Mindset for Business Owners

I'm Emma...

I've been preparing since 2007 to create this space.

In marketing leadership roles I felt lost as I was waking up to new ways of thinking and feeling about life.  I was 30 and over the next two years experienced great sudden loss and inner transformations.

My awakening journey leading me to retrain and create belifehappy and later release this journey as a book. Then after learning and living daily with my new perspectives over the coming years I became more empowered in my choices. The energy I worked with and taught, took me to new experiences. In between loss and celebration I kept on learning, healing and growing from within. Then in 2019 I experienced another great loss which transformed my energy and vibration. This inspired me to create the ELC to help other leaders and businesses owners feel guided from within.

From leader to business owner I get you.. I understand your day to day. I also understand your inner growth and inside the ELC I share resources, techniques, healing, coaching and guests to support you.

Inside the ELC you get ALL of me, the energy work, mindset and coaching and marketing. All there for you to connect to.

Since 2007 I've moved from awakened, to empowered and now I stand in my enlightened truth - a 5D conscious space where I will work on and be here for others like you for the rest of my earthly lifetime.

The ELC collectively shares a unique energy which means memberships are limited. This makes sure all members have access to support and the collective energy flows freely through the ELC.


Q Does it matter what stage my business is at?
A Whether you have run your business for years, you’re in your early years or just starting out you’ll find the support is there for you within the community and from Emma’s experiences.
Q I’ve not worked with energy or had Reiki before does this matter?
A No, what matters is you are willing to work with and receive Reiki. The monthly Group Distance Reiki sessions are optional and you need to sign up for each one. There are video guides on how to make the most of the distance reiki sessions inside the ELC. If you have any health concerns, you can contact Emma directly.
Q I’ve got a future idea for a business but currently in a full time leadership role, can I still join?
A Yes you can join the ELC and you’ll find lots of materials to prepare you for the transition from your leadership role into running your own business.
Q How are the resources accessed?
A When you join you will set up our own log in to the ELC membership website. This gives you access to all the resources, tutorials, videos, workbooks, audio relaxations, guest lives and more all online, anywhere, in your own time.
Q I don’t like using Facebook and like to limit my social media time, is this the only way to access the ELC community?
A Yes all the interactive weekly posts are communicated through the private FB group. Only members can see the posts and only members can see who the other members are inside the group. Our focus in the ELC is no overwhelm so there are 3 check in posts per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday with some announcement posts on other days. You are free to check into the ELC community as little or as much as you want. What you put in, you get out.
Q I already have experienced spiritual messages, will this be a good space for me?
A Absolutely, many of the ELC members work with their higher self and also connect spiritually to guidance for themselves and professionally in some cases.
Q With the energy and spiritual side of the club is it very mystical and more mediumship?
A No, this is a SELF and STRATEGY grounded and practical space for you and your business. While guidance is shared in our energy reports, enlightened living is about being spiritual in our physical world. All members are respectful of each others  energy. The space is about personal growth and development.

Not ready for the ELC just now?

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