Empowered Living Club

A community and club for all business owners focused on self, mindset and personal growth.

With weekly accountability and monthly focused topics to support you and your business around energy, strategy and growth.

The ELC welcomes your spiritual curiosity and knowing with monthly affirmations and two group distance healing sessions and guided energy reports.

Come together with other business owners who lead with purpose, passion and energy.

New for 2021

Brand new for 2021 NEW members will be welcome to join for just 31 days! One off access to the Empowered Living Club!

You'll get full access to resources inside the ELC, weekly accountability, two group distance healing sessions and guided energy reports, plus live zoom sessions with superb guests sharing their personal and professional self development and business insights.

"I run my business on my own and everything comes from me - it's tough. Knowing there is support or practical guidance makes me feel like I'm not on my own. And it actually helps me take action and move forward."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

N.T - Business Owner

Women In Peterborough Awards 2020 finalist

Women In Peterborough Awards Finalist

"Emma your connection insights and guidance is mind blowing. I could never have imagined we would receive such pure direct feedback from the ‘universe'. It is incredible. It’s so powerful thank you."

Inside we cover..

Energy Boundaries

Future Visions and Visualisation

Planning Goals and Intentions

Self Talk and Communication

Self Awareness and Reflection


Self Love

Money & Wealth

Spiritual Wellbeing

Mind and Body Health

Business Growth through Marketing

Club Focus Challenges

Marketing Coaching and Mindset for Business Owners

In your membership..

Access to Online Empowered Living Club

Member Only Private FB Group

Weekly Intentions & Feedback

Weekly Accountability

Monthly Live Q & A With Emma

Monthly Videos, Guides & Resources

Group Monthly Distance Healing & Guided Energy Report x 2

Live Guest Interviews by Zoom

Exclusive ELC Member Emails

Emma Lannihan - Yello Flowers

How Can I Join?

(Current members can refer new members at anytime)

Doing it on your own can be harder

The Empowered Living Club was created and designed to work alongside you.

It can be pretty lonely exploring new life insights.

Whether you're listening to podcasts, reading books, watching webinars, following social posts, journalling or meditating; as you do it on your own who have you got to ask your questions to?

That's how I felt when I was exploring and developing my inner self. I already had the strategy insights but applying it to my own life presented new challenges.

I felt left with a mind full of questions at times, which would then cause me to get stuck.

The ELC is a space to offer you access to learn from my journey and insights and guests. Plus you have access to me to ask those burning questions.

It's a community where the energy is about clarity, taking action and growing in life and business.

Come and take a look, it will be lovely to see you.


Emma x

If not now, then when?

The Empowered Living Club is an online monthly membership subscription which can be cancelled at anytime by yourself, no questions. And you'll be automatically unsubscribed from member insight emails too.

** The ELC will be open for 31 Days for a one off monthly access to experience the ELC. After this period you can sign up to join the monthly membership. ** This offer is currently available until March 2021.