Empowered Living Programme

To experience Empowered Living we first need to understand who we are and what we want. Connecting to our SELF and opening a new awareness.

The Empowered Living Programme is a 12 week journey of self knowing, with 1-1 coaching support, energy healing, and strategy for your future vision. All in a small group for support.


12 Weeks working on your SELF with me at your side. I started my journey back in 2007 and over the next few years awakended, healed and discovered my way of feeling empowered in my life and business. This programme brings in a level of 1-1 support and insights along with a small collective of other life leaders. It's a time to completely focus on you.

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Women In Peterborough Awards 2020 finalist

Women In Peterborough Awards Finalist

"Emma your connection insights guidance is mind blowing. I could never have imagined we would receive such pure direct feedback from the ‘universe'. It is incredible. It’s so powerful thank you."

What do you get?

Three 1-1 Online Sessions with Emma

One Individual Distance Healing Session

One Personal Energy Report

Three Live MasterClass Workshops

Three Live Zoom Check In Sessions

Three Month Access to the Empowered Living Club

Upgrade Option to Learn Usui Reiki Level 1 during this Programme

Marketing Coaching and Mindset for Business Owners

* Upgrade Option to Learn Reiki Level 1 to introduce you to energy and self healing. Opening and attuning your energy centres to feel more aligned and restore your natural balance. The training takes place over four 90 minute online sessions and one in person practical day with your attunement and certificate. (Upgrade fee applicable.)

Empowered Living is your happiness

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Meet Emma

I work with life leaders, individuals and business owners who often get faced with overwhelm and I help them feel empowered again.

I bring all my marketing strategy, coaching, wellbeing, energy work and life experiences into one pot to help others who, (just like I was), are at the point of transition on their SELF journey.

My own SELF journey started back in 2007. In 2015 I released my first book - belifehappy: give. play. love. learn which shares my learnings and insights.

I did the SELF work and healing with coaching, touch therapy and energy healing of Reiki.

I've now been working with clients for over 10 years and watching their transformations.

I opened the Empowered Living Club in January 2020 to start sharing this empowered way of living, but this I am super excited about.

Working with you 1-1 and in a group with coaching, energy work and working on actionable outcomes in the workshops is going to be epic!

And for those of you really ready to embrace energy work in your life and business for your mindset, emotional health and business focus and success then starting your Reiki journey will be incredible! I always say Reiki literally is the core of my change and the core of my work.

"Working with Emma has been amazing. She's really helped me see and feel life in a very new way."

Coaching Client & Empowered Living Club Member

Is this for You?

This isn't for you if you're looking for something that you don't need to invest too much effort. This isn't a passive programme. Reading my book might be better for you.

This is for you when you know that feeling of being on the verge of something and not knowing what it is.

It's for you when you've had that lightbulb moment, but you don't have the confidence to walk forward.

And it's for you if you want to lead your life in an empowered way. You want to make the decisions that are right for you, because you understand when you work on yourself, your whole world benefits - life and business.

Basically it's for you if you want to reduce the overwhelm, so you can clear the decks for more important things.

Lifted Lounge online community for business owners

New programme dates will be announced soon.

The Empowered Living Programme is an intensive programme which requires your commitment to participate. It is designed for people who already take action or feel ready for change. The programme is delivered online. Your 1-1 sessions will be booked in with Emma at the start of the programme. If you need to reschedule please allow, where possible 3-4 days. You will receive three months membership to the Empowered Living Club. This is an online membership club and you can find all the details of what is included here. At the end of the three months you will be given the option to join the monthly membership club. It's OK if you want to leave, your access will be cancelled.

If you would like to upgrade and or schedule your payments please contact me so I can arrange this directly with you.