You're here with either an idea for a business or you have an established business you want to grow.

Whatever the vision, together we'll work on the strategy to get you to the outcomes you want.

I'll share with you over 20 years of marketing insights, right up to current day tactics to help steer your marketing to be seen and get results.

Marketing Mentor

You've got this. You have a vision, plan and energy and the resources in place. What you're not sure of is what are the best steps to move forward.

As a strategic marketing mentor I'm here as your sounding board. In this One to One experience you'll have access to my experience and insights for planning and delivery. We'll work out actionable steps together either on a call or in person.

These Insights will keep you moving.


Growth Marketing

Ideas and plans are in place, however you're still working on the marketing strategy and you haven't got the right resources in your business to deliver.

It's OK, with the Growth Marketing Packages you access my interim marketing services which support the strategic marketing planning and monitoring, all the way through to delivery.

And when the foundations are in place and business is on track, I provide ongoing services including mentoring for you or a member of your team.

Marketing Academy

You might feel marketing blinds you and gets confusing with choice, and you're not sure what is right for you and what will work? Or you might be hiring agencies or recruiting a marketing team and want to have marketing insights to lead the direction and understand the delivery.

I've created this online course: Marketing That Gets Results.

Covering 6 modules with guided videos and workbooks you'll also get access to my Marketing Set Up Template to help get your marketing reviewed, organised and getting you results.


"Emma works flexibly, complementing my own marketing activity and managing deadlines with ease. She's also endlessly positive and a delight to work with. I'd highly recommend her for flexible marketing support.”

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

C.M - Digital Publishing Leader

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.”

Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, speaker & marketing expert

"Her straight talking advice to me has always proved to be spot on and she has taught me the real value in ensuring that my business values remain aligned to my own personal values. Emma is without doubt an essential component to any business that is serious about making a difference in a competitive marketplace."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

K.W - Founder & Director Health & Safety Sector

What to Expect

Starting to work with a Marketing Mentor and specialist to help develop or enhance your marketing will be a new way of working.

The first thing will be to experience new ideas to new processes.

Getting effective results means starting with effective marketing foundations.

Be prepared for a period of change while you grow. It might feel uncomfortable doing new marketing activities, changing your pricing, or updating your branding for example.

But with all change comes new results.

Working with me as your marketing mentor one to one or through the growth marketing packages or programmes, I will keep your marketing moving with focus and strength.

We'll review your marketing together often and adjust and go out there again.

If you want to know more about something we're working on I'm happy to show you behind the scenes too, so you can feel more empowered about your marketing.

To get started, send a message and let's arrange a free consultation.

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