Mastery Portal

Welcome to a space created for you as you explore and master your soul truth, path and purpose.

You've explored 3 dimensional healing and you're ready to step into higher source guidance for your soul.

Inside the Mastery Portal you will receive multidimensional higher guidance through a high vibrational community and channelled energy reports with Emma Lannigan.

Move from awakened awareness to self healing, deeper learning and towards mastery.

Higher Power

You lead in life and business, you feel connection to your vision and trust in your creative ideas.

But you know there are times you step into your own way, blocking your path with old patterns, beliefs, self beliefs and energy programmes. All limiting the soul alignment and potential influence and impact your soul mission is here for.

Soul healing, guidance and practicing energy tools help you reach your own soul mastery.

A space where it's much more than learning and talking, the healing work is at the very heart.

Your journey with the Mastery Portal will take you from soul awareness to deeper learning and towards mastery, at whichever pace you are aligned to right now.

"This space gives me focus without being pushy, I love the feedback I receive as it often gives me a different viewpoint on a subject. I love the energy reports which follow the distance healing, more often than not something within them resonates for me."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Heather, Business Consultant & Learning Member

Mind, Body, Soul

A holistic higher consciousness space and community where you can be:
  • Yourself
  • Honest about your successes and challenges
  • Challenged about your thoughts and perspectives
  • Heard and supported in your life and business
  • Surrounded with others who understand you
  • Focused on your intentions
  • Accountable for taking action
  • Learning new insights from others
  • Calm, centred and grounded
  • Connected to higher vibrational guidance
  • Leading with your positive headspace
  • Reminded of the importance of self care
"I've been lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Emma for a few years now. I can 100% vouch for her skills and her connection. I am excited to be part of the new Mastery Portal having been a member of her previous ELC group. I changed my life during that period so will be shooting for the stars now!"

Gillian, Founder & CEO of Peachaus

Healing, Learning & Mastery

M Portal Online Community - Emma Lannigan

within the M Portal

Healing Membership


The Healing membership is a space where you can join monthly collective distance healing sessions, receive the collective channelled guidance and be part of a soul led community in the private FB Group. You will also receive a monthly Energy Report channelled via Emma's Higher Self Spirit Team.

You'll benefit from monthly healing and guidance gifting you a higher awareness and building your connection to your soul energy.

With this monthly membership you can cancel at anytime.


The Annual Membership is for you if you're all in for the next 12 months to receive monthly collective distance healing and guidance.

With this *annual membership you get 12 months access and only pay for 10. (*No refunds.)

Learning Membership


The Learning Membership is being developed and will be open to those who have already started some form of healing work and are ready to learn more.

The basis of the learning is around the ancient Japanese natural healing system of Usui Reiki. With a journey of self healing, inner healing and mastery to be covered.

Each level introduces you to practical tools for you can learn and explore.

Within the Learning Membership members will also gain access to other energy, mindset and healing tools and techniques Emma has trained in or practiced with herself.

This membership will be open soon.

If you are interested in accessing this membership, please contact us to be placed on the waiting list and you'll be notified as soon as the space is ready to open.

Mastery Membership


The Mastery 1-1 is for you as you have learned through your personal healing and self practice. You may be a coach, therapist, healer, visionary leader and entrepreneur.

Each month you will have access to the full benefits of the Healing Membership with the additional access of: 1-1 monthly distance healing and channelled guidance, 1-1 private WhatsApp access to Emma to ask questions and receive channelled guidance, 1-1 monthly soul session via Zoom, like a check in for your soul journey.

This membership is designed to support on-going soul healing and awareness for higher vibrational energetic lifetime shifts.

This support is available for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

These are packages which start from: £595

Inside the Mastery Portal

Focus on your SOUL and HIGH VIBRATIONAL ENERGY leads us inside the M Portal. For those in business you are heard and supported.

Plus it goes without saying, inside the M Portal integrity, confidentiality, trust and kindness are paramount.

It is a space where judgments are not welcome and instead we focus on celebrating and supporting each other in a collaborative and inclusive space.

"Feels like my tribe - likeminded people in a small community, led by an expert who will encourage, guide and give honest feedback and advice. It’s made me really focus more deeply on business, mind and body and helped me to make clear goals and actions moving forward. And made me accountable. Not to mention it’s given me such much appreciated ‘me time’ moments!"

Jo Oliver, Private Counsellor & Learning Member

IMG_5061 2

I'm Emma...

I've been preparing since 2007 to create this space.

In marketing leadership roles I felt lost as I was waking up to new ways of thinking and feeling about life.  I was 30 and over the next two years experienced great sudden loss and life transitions which led to big inner transformations.

My awakening journey lead me retrain in reiki, holistic massage and NLP - to help me understand more about the mind, body and soul. This led me to create belifehappy and later released this journey as a book.

After learning and living daily with my new perspectives, over the coming years I became more empowered in my choices. The Reiki energy I worked with and taught, took me to new experiences with all my clients from business to individual growth.

In between loss and celebration I keep on learning, healing and growing from within.

In 2019 I experienced another great loss when my sister passed away. This experience inspired me to create the ELC in January 2020 to help other leaders and businesses owners feel guided from within.

At the beginning of 2022 we welcomed a new member to our family and I became a Mummy. I'm pretty new in my role, but understanding many of it's joys and challenges. With some reflection and stepping back I've been guided to transform the ELC to be more of a space for Mastery. This is the reason behind the new name the Mastery Portal (AKA M Portal).

From leader to business owner I get you.. I understand your day to day. I also understand your inner growth and inside the the M Portal I share resources, techniques, healing and coaching to support you.

Inside the M Portal you get ALL of me, the energy work, mindset and coaching and business wisdom. All there for you to connect to.

Since 2007 I've moved from awakened, to empowered and now I stand in my enlightened truth - a multidimensional space where I will work on and be here for others like you for the rest of my earthly lifetime.

M Portal where your truth shines brightly

It’s a pretty niche space to want to work on yourself as well as your business at this level of truth. That’s why the M Portal is not for everyone. It’s not for you if you are:
  • Not ready to accept self awareness
  • Struggling with receiving and as a result giving
  • Believing the answer is outside of you
  • Thinking it's not the right time to do your soul work
  • Sceptical about energy work
  • Fearful of any change especially opportunity
  • Not ready to make a difference in your life and/ or business
  • Not open to the truth within you
  • Being driven by your ego
  • Looking for a quick fix
  • Thinking the 3 dimensional world is safer

The Mastery Portal collectively shares a unique energy which means memberships are limited. This makes sure all members have access to support and the collective energy flows freely through the M Portal.


Q I’ve not worked with energy or had Reiki or Akashic healing before does this matter?
No, what matters is you are willing to work with and receive multi dimensional energy. The monthly Collective Distance Healing sessions are suitable for all and you will be sent a video on how to make the most of the distance healing sessions. If you have any health concerns, you can contact Emma directly.
Q Is the M Portal for business owners and what type?
The nature of higher consciousness and multi dimensional work tends to attract individuals who are in professional and leadership roles and some who are self employed counsellors/ coaches and therapists, to entrepreneurs launching new businesses or those have established businesses. The connection is energy, vision and personal and spiritual growth.
Q How are the resources accessed?
All levels of membership will set up your own log in to the M Portal when you join. For Healing Members you will have access to the Energy Report Library and information relevant to your membership. For Learning and Mastery Members you will have access to all the resources, tutorials, videos, workbooks, audio relaxations and more, all online, anywhere, in your own time. The Library is updated monthly with new resources. All members have access to the FB Group. There are options to upgrade your membership if you decide you want to develop and start learning and have more direct access and feedback to work with Emma.
Q I've already experienced receiving spiritual messages, will this be a good space for me?
Absolutely, many of the M Portal members work with their higher self and also connect spiritually to guidance for themselves and professionally. They find the M Portal space offers them other insights for themselves they might not access directly.
Q With the energy and spiritual side of the club is it very mystical and more mediumship?
No, this is a grounded and practical space for your soul journey. While guidance is shared in our energy reports, mastery is about being spiritual in our physical world. All members are respectful of each others  energy. The guidance is source rather than direct from spirit.
Q What if other members know me outside of the M Portal?
Inside the M Portal all members join and agree to supporting a confidential space and community. If you know other members inside the M Portal it's likely you're both connected through energy work, healing work and your shared interest in higher self and higher consciousness connections.
Q Can I get an invoice towards training and development?
Yes if you are subscribing as part of your personal development for your business please email with your business details to request an invoice. Invoices are for annual memberships only. You will receive a monthly receipt via your monthly subscription.
Q What are the cancellation terms?
Annual Membership is paid in full in advance and is non refundable. There are no auto renewals in place, so you have full control over your subscription.
Monthly Membership plans are exactly this. You will pay the monthly subscription fee and  you can cancel at anytime using your account log in.
When you cancel you will be removed from the FB group and the M Portal members emails. Your Members Area access will be automatically cancelled when you cancel your subscription.
Q What if I'd prefer more one to one guidance - can I get this too?
As a member of the M Portal you will get priority on one to one distance healing sessions, akashic record readings and mentoring sessions. Soul Alignment and Business Alignment Programmes are available too for more focused and deeper levels of healing and change. You can also consider a half day or full day retreat tailored to your soul journey. You can also upgrade your membership and switch to the Mastery Membership which includes 1-1 sessions with Emma. Visit Work With Me to learn more.