The power of your thoughts and energy is the difference to how you experience your world.

Mindset comes from within us.

This is a deeper journey to align your energy to your life now, to shape the thoughts and actions you share in your world.

One to One

As your coach we'll work together on key areas of your life and business.

It's a space to work 100% on you and your world.

You'll experience a blend of my strategic insights, NLP coaching/ NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and energy healing and release interventions where required.

There's an opportunity for fast shifts when you commit and put in the work.

With any coaching, the results come from the input you are willing to give.


Energy Insights

Energy is everything and everywhere, and working with the universal healing energy of Reiki you can awaken and then deepen your connection with energy in a safe and grounded way.

This will open up an untapped resource within you, helping you feel calmer, have more confidence, clarity and feel empowered to live your life and lead with more ease and less effort.

Whether through experiencing regular sessions or learning Reiki, Reiki will continuously work with you. A journey begins and grows as you increase your energy vibration and your communication with the inner knowing of your higher self. 

A new relationship with yourself based on trust, helping you navigate your life.

Distance Support

It's a commitment to work on your mindset and you'll know when you're ready for the deeper transformation that one to one coaching offers.

So it's OK if one to one isn't for you.

Instead I created the ELC [Empowered Living Club] - so you can get started on your mindset, at your own pace.

The ELC is packed with resources for you to access, regular insight emails and monthly distance healing, and you can join in as much or as little as you want in the private FB group on our weekly intentions, q&a and accountability sessions.

(It’s probably the closest you’ll get to working with me other than one to one.)


"Emma is a wonderful lady. Reiki got me through some really challenging times in my life, if you've never had it and are open to it, I definitely recommend it."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

L.B, Business Owner

"If not now, then when?"

"Amazing lady I cannot recommend Emma enough! Helped me through a very challenging time."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

S.C, Business Leader

Why it's worth investing in yourself

Working on your mindset and with your energy is a very personal experience. I know this because I started the self work back in 2008.

It doesn't matter when you start.

It's the starting that creates the small catalysts of change within you.

The outcome is to own the freedom of mind, thought, creation and energy all from within you.

This is empowerment and the pathway to enlightenment.

Once you invest in yourself, you keep experiencing rewards with new insights, awareness and opportunity.

What's required of you is the action.