One to One

Sharing self awareness insights and coaching you as you go deeper, step forward and empower your life and business.

Our sessions will offer you a space to align, focus your soul purpose and vision. Connecting to your Higher Self source within you, and share this unique energy to experience greater outcomes and results in your life and business.

The One to One experience allows you to choose what depth of support and guidance you want and need for yourself and business journey.

I'm very much focused on creating outcomes and results. As your Coach and Mentor this is a fast and fun journey, where you need to be ready to show up and put in the work to get the results you're investing in.

Working with Emma

My life experiences and training brought me to a place to explore, connect and work with my Higher Self, Creator Self and Source for many years now (more than I realised!)

Whatever and wherever you are on your journey, there isn't much that surprises me. I've professionally worked with energy and in coaching since 2009 and before that worked with coaches and light sources with my own healing.

I can see what you perhaps can't just now, and I will guide you back to clarity.

I don't do any of the work.. I guide you. You do the work.

When you do the work, you will find your inner and outer world changes in very beautiful ways.

Energy Healing Guide - Emma Lannigan

Signature Programmes


This programme is focused on healing and works with both Reiki and Akashic healing. This combination offers gentle, yet insightful and transformational healing.

Over 3 months we'll work together focused on healing. You'll have access to:

Monthly distance healing sessions with channeled guidance x3

One 1-1 video mentoring session

Next Steps Call

All sessions are pre booked and via distance, so location is not a barrier. Sessions are based on UK time zone.


This programme offers a combination of greater understanding, healing and alignment along with mentoring support.

It has been designed to support you when you are looking for much deeper insights to help guide you.

Over 6 months you will have:

1-1 Initial Consultation

Akashic Record Reading & Akashic Healing

28 Healing Decree

Monthly distance healing sessions with channeled guidance x6

Two 1-1 video mentoring sessions

Next Steps Call


This programme is designed to support you over 12 months. It's an opportunity for you to work much more closely with Emma, through healing, guidance and mentoring. You can also build in Retreat Days into this programme.

As a guide you can include:

1-1 Initial Consultation

Akashic Record Reading & Akashic Healing

Ancestral Reading and Healing

28 Day Healing Decree

Monthly distance healing sessions with channelled Guidance x 12

Four 1-1 video mentoring session

Three in person 1-1 Retreat Days

(Spring/Summer, Autumn, & Winter (May/June, October, Jan/ Feb)

Next Steps Call


Emma only works with limited one to one clients to ensure each client experiences focused energy through their journey. All Signature Programmes can be tailored to your journey for example to include Reiki Attunements, Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training to Retreat Days or additional Mentoring sessions.

Soul Mentorship

Soul Mentorship is access to work together in a completely bespoke way.

This programme is only available to individuals who have worked with me previously in either business mentoring, coaching, energy work or the ELC.

You will receive support and guidance throughout the month with access to connect with me.

Where healing will release and clear a pathway we will do this.

Where you would like guidance with your business you will have access to my strategic marketing background and guidance.

And all in relationship.

Mentorships are by application and are on a fixed monthly fee.

I can honestly say that without my sessions with Emma I would not have had the confidence, self-belief nor motivation to set up my own website and be nearly ready to launch my own business. I have been talking about it for years - and now it is finally a reality!

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Joanne Oliver Counselling

One to One Applications

To begin working together please complete the form below and we'll arrange a call. On the call we'll discover more about each other and your outcomes so we can work out which programme will work best for you.

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Access Soul Guidance & Healing

You can also access monthly group distance healing and channelled guidance inside The ELC. A monthly soul led membership community where you have access to learn from a library of resources, be accountable for your growth and receive regular healing and guidance.