Akashic Lounge

Welcome to the Akashic Lounge founded by Emma Lannigan. These spiritual live events invite you to connect at soul level.


The Akashic Lounge Live events are being held across venues within South Lincolnshire, North Cambridgeshire near Stamford and Peterborough.

Venues are announced with each ticket release.

If you'd like to hold an Akashic Lounge event at your venue, please get in touch.


NEXT DATE: Sunday 7 July 2024

Starting at 7pm and closing at 9:30pm


Experience Live Soul Connection

Like no other

I've been guided to bring these events to you, to share the access to the Akashic Records and the wisdom they hold for you.

  • Live guided Akashic Journey
  • Personalised Message from your Akashic Records
  • Channelled Guidance for the Month Ahead
  • Guest Interview/ Demo & Panel Q & A
  • Quantum Intention Setting


In this space expect to feel the energy and notice how you feel connected in a new way.

Soul level connection allows for the physicality of life to step back while your soul explores.

Expect to meet other like minded souls in the room, meeting new higher dimensional friends.

Most importantly the Akashic Lounge is a space where kindness rules. It's a non judgemental space, led with a open heart.

This is for you to explore your own energy, in great company.

I can 100% vouch for Emma's skills and her connection.

Gillian, Founder

Who It's For

The Akashic Lounge Live events are open to all.

It doesn't matter whether you are new to this or whatever the experience of energy healing and spiritual events you have.

What you will have is a curiosity to explore your soul energy. To open your mind, heart, body and soul to the guidance shared.


[These events are not Psychic Nights, however similar in nature. The guidance and information shared is for entertainment purposes and is not prescriptive. In no way should any guidance replace any ongoing professional medical, legal or financial advice.]

BONUS: ALL guests will receive a personalised message from your Akashic Records ready for you when you arrive.


Your Akashic Guide

Emma Lannigan - Energy Healing - Akashic Records

Emma Lannigan

Author | Mentor | Intuitive Quantum Healer

I'm your host for the Akashic Lounge Live events. I'm really excited to be sharing these sessions with you!

The idea was brought to me months ago and while I loved it, the thought of standing up in front of people was a push out of my comfort zone.

But this year my guides are very clear I am to be working more amongst people in person. Which is why I opened my practice recently.

I've been working with energy professionally since 2009. At every turn the energy guides me to develop and explore new aspects of myself. Four years ago I decided to explore the Akashic Records (our Soul Records) and train in further advanced quantum healing.

I've been channelling consciously since 2005, but always knew about my connection. It was only after my sister passed away in 2019, when I no longer had the fear of what people might think! I decided to really step into this part of me.

And while I've been working with clients intuitively 1-1 for many years, and through my online membership the Mastery Portal, I am now to bring this connection to you in person.

I'm ready!

See you soon at the next event.

With Love Emma x


Tea, Coffee, Water available on arrival.

Start: 7pm

Opening Circle for connecting our energy.

Relaxation and clearing to activate your higher self and creator self.


Channelled Guidance for the Month Ahead


Akashic Journey: Guided Meditation

8pm: Break & Collect Personal Messages


Personal Messages Q & A


Guest Interview & Questions




Collective Close

CLOSE: 9:30pm

Emma is amazing, such a calming lady. She makes you feel capable of anything.


Reiki Student


The event can run with a minimum of 20 and maximum of 40.

Tickets are £25 pp or buy two tickets for £40. All ticket fees must be received in full at the time of booking.

All attendees must be 18 years old and over.

If you have any long term diagnosed illnesses, are taking medication long term please get in touch to make sure these sessions are suitable as the Akashic Journey includes healing too. Please use the Contact us page.

When you book, you will be asked to send some personal information by email directly to the Host. No other third parties have access to this information. The information will only be used to access your Akashic Records.

There are no refunds or alternatives and places cannot be transferred. This is due to the personalised messages which are channelled before the event.

When you book you are accepting and agree to 100% non judgement and confidentiality at this event.

Attending this event does not promise or guarantee a specific outcome. Any outcomes are based on what you experience individually and the work you do.

Please be aware this work is of a spiritual nature and any guided information is not prescriptive or a replacement for professional medical, legal or financial advice.

Should the event be cancelled due to illness or a venue closure, the event will be rescheduled.

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