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Awakened Leaders: Intuitive Guidance, Healing & Mentoring for Your Soul Alignment & Business Growth.

Mastery begins here

You've found yourself here after searching either online or maybe within your network a friend or colleague mentioned healing and energy work.

You've found yourself here because you've reached a point in your life and or business and you are finding it difficult to break through these blocks on your own to get to the next level of possibility and opportunity.

The knowing within you that something you are experiencing is beyond what you know, and you want to learn more.

These feelings are natural and becoming ever more popular as more entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers like you become aware and awake and want to increase your positive impact on your audience and the world.

It's also what you 100 per cent deserve for your highest good.

BUT, it can be scary to have these new visions, perspectives and feelings and for the self doubt to help you resist them. 

It can feel like a whole new level of conflict as you walk into your awakened world. Your heart open to inspire and influence with great positivity, and yet to feel so unsure or excited by these new insights and too scared to share them with others in case they think you've gone weird or Woo Woo.

That's where I come in because I've been through the awakening journey and honestly it's a on going journey once you step on the path. I've been through the self doubt, hiding myself away, feeling lonely, only trusting a small circle, thinking this new way of being would discredit my professionalism, to finding new friends, mentors, teachers, and creating a new world for me.

For over 10 years I've been sharing intuitive guidance with clients through healing, coaching, mentoring and teaching.

There is nothing that shocks me, I've had many different experiences personally and in my professional life through energy and different dimensions, communication and healing.

I've worked with the angelic realm, ascended masters and for the most recent years direct with the Light Council at source.

I am my highest self here in this space and am here to guide you safely sharing tools with you and guidance, to help you ascend and open up your higher self to awareness and healing, and ultimately soul growth.

"I think what makes Emma unique is her down to earth approach, her honesty and genuineness and her incredible positive and motivating energy - it is infectious. "

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

 Jo Oliver, Private Counsellor, Manchester

Get Started

Intuitive Readings

These readings connect directly with your Soul Records and share guidance from your records, your guides and also working with my team.

Your reading is delivered remotely via audio file.

These readings are great for checking in or seeking guidance towards a present situation event. This can be explored more with specific questions you wish to ask your Akashic Records.

Akashic Healing & Guidance

These distance sessions focus on multidimensional energy healing, expanding from the physical body into the higher dimensions to allow healing across all layer and levels and timelines. With this session any channelled guidance direct from your soul records will also be shared via a private video link.

These sessions are more focused on healing and energy alignment.

Akashic Record Readings

Higher awareness, clearing, healing and integration to create soul alignment. Discovering past and present life time negative attachments, programmes, which are influencing current life and presenting blocks. You'll work with Emma over a number of weeks receiving your reading, 1-1 review and clearing and healing session, support through your 21 day integration and an optional follow up 1-1 up to 4 weeks after your integration has completed.

This soul work is for anyone seeking deeper levels of healing. The impact being felt for weeks, months and up to 12 months after your reading.

Soul Mentoring

As an awakened soul you have questions, new experiences, and new perspectives. It can feel like you're the only one and the fear of sharing what you can see, feel or hear can be scary with other people who are not as awakened as you.

With Soul Mentoring you can chose what level of support you would like directly with Emma.

Collective mentoring is available through the Mastery Portal or 1-1 monthly mentoring sessions.

The sessions are in person or online from 1-2 hours to half or fully days to explore, receive healing and walk away with new clarity and guidance.

Your Vision is Big, Your Healing is Deep.


As your Mastery Mentor I share with you my  personal and professional experiences of bringing your vision alive through healing, aligning and achieving positive and transformational change in my life, in my clients personal lives and in their businesses.

If it's just business growth you want to focus on take a look here.

The only limitations are the ones we create or carry

I'm here to support you as a leader and entrepreneur with higher awareness and guidance as you develop your energy and vision.

I'll help you heal across multidimensional levels for your soul expansion, transforming your life and business.

Connecting deeper with your soul purpose and mission helps your vision remain strong and your impact stronger.

Together we will align your energy through your growth phases, healing across the past, present and future where it's impacting your growth, and allow you to strengthen your higher self connection.

There are no time or space limitations with energy work and I can support you from wherever you are within the UK and Europe.

You may or may not know what you want right now or where to start. If this is you book in a Zoom Call using the contact form and we'll start from there.

What you will find, is working with me, I will take you from where you are to the healing levels you are ready for.

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Akashic Record Readings


Access your Soul Records and learn what energy programmes are influencing your present life. Experience a soul reset and soul record update with high dimensional healing and clearing.

For higher levels of self and soul awareness, healing and alignment, the Akashic Record Readings are in depth and create lasting inner change.

Exploring past lifetimes to early developmental childhood traumas which are impacting your present life growth.

The awareness becomes a freedom for your mind, body and soul.

About me

I’ve mastered my own mindset, energy shift and vibration from the corporate world and into living my soul led life and business for over a decade.

In this lifetime I've been guided through many experiences to learn lessons for my own soul healing and development. These begin from early childhood and teenage experiences to career challenges, and a sudden bereavement which was a catalyst for my new life.

It's not been easy, but every moment of it has opened new life doors.

Energy is at the core of who I am - a space where I am connected and become a connector, communicator and conduit for soul guidance.

I'm naturally big vision and come with a background in strategic marketing.

I'm grounded with a very intentional and modern approach to life and a late 40's mummy. You'll find me when I have a minute in the outdoors or gazing at the stars.

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"Your insight, support and practical advice has really made an immense difference. It helped me to align with my programmes, really feel in flow with what I was doing, which gave me a confidence I wouldn’t have had without that. Not to mention helping me really make the mind shift from taking my work from ‘hobby’ to business."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Nicola Tonsager, Business Owner

It's Your Time

You can find a way that works for you, remembering you will only transform as much as you are ready to right now.

The healing journey keeps on evolving across the multi dimensional levels in this lifetime.

I'm here to help you make sense of it, learn from it and heal and grow through it.