Hello, I'm Emma

Transforming your vision into a focused strategy, getting you results in your life & business.

When it's not working

Share your vision with me and I'll help you transform from where you are now towards aligned actions to keep you moving and getting the results you want.

You don't have to be on your own, confused or overwhelmed anymore.

Whether it's your life vision or vision for your business, I'll help you find more clarity, focus and real support for you to move forward in an empowered way.

You & Your Business

Learning Reiki, Self Development, Marketing


Empowered Living Programme




"I think what makes Emma unique is her down to earth approach, her honesty and genuineness and her incredible positive and motivating energy - it is infectious. "

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

 Jo Oliver, Private Counsellor, Manchester


New, launching or growing a business will often stall when the momentum is lost and the next steps are not clear.

Defining your marketing strategy will help you start or grow with focus leading to greater results.

As a Marketing Strategist I've worked with business owners for over a decade and I get you..

I've created 3 ways to work with me to give you flexibility as you grow: focused strategy creation, 1-1 mentoring and an online course to help you get your marketing organised and for achieving real results.

Time Your Marketing Worked for You?


In business whether you're a business brand or personal brand - the business is of you.

When you are not clear about your vision, values and outcomes, the results in your business can be effected.

Being OK to learn about who you are, what you stand for and the impact your vision will have helps you strengthen your strategy and your actions - empowering your results.

To develop your mindset work with me 1-1 or inside my online membership The ELC.

Join a space created for business leaders and owners like you.. Leading from within.


Energy awakens us and leads us with empowered choices and enlightened being in our life and business.

Understanding and building our self and energy awareness helps you feel more positive about what you're choosing.

As an experienced Reiki Master Teacher I'll guide you through your own healing and self discovery journey to enrich your personal and professional life.

Ready to Get Started?

I'm here for when you are ready to make the next big shift in your life and business.

Where the growth is ahead of you and you're not sure whether it's you or something in your business that's holding you back.

Working with me One to One you'll experience a blend of marketing strategy, NLP, coaching and energy alignment to help you walk away with focus, real actions, accountability and feeling energised.

It's not for everyone. But if you're here to make a difference through your business you're in the right place.

Meet Emma

Marketing Coaching and Mindset for Business Owners

Visionary Planner

It took me years to find my flow in life and business and I want to help you find it much faster.

After an agency and in house career in marketing, where my interest and insights in people, connection and getting results grew, I shifted track to train in holistic therapies, NLP and Reiki (energy healing.)

I built up my own brand and therapy practice, wrote a book, and managed my business clients for some years. Then I realised my clients wanted and needed the strategy, the coaching and the energy work.

Business has evolved and business owners need to evolve to be their business, the combination of self awareness and mindset with mapping out your marketing strategy has become so much more important for success.

I've found my niche helping business owners like you either starting up, early stages or established - and all ready for that next level of growth, with a strong vision, strategy, mindset and energy.

"Your insight, support and practical advice has really made an immense difference. It helped me to align with my programmes, really feel in flow with what I was doing, which gave me a confidence I wouldn’t have had without that. Not to mention helping me really make the mind shift from taking my work from ‘hobby’ to business."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Nicola Tonsager, Business Owner