About me

I’m grounded, see what most people can't, future thinker and and energy channel specialising with entrepreneurs and leaders who have big visions and want their healing to go deep, to allow space to create and grow.

Working with energy has been the most natural way for me to experience life. It has taken years of training, learning and practice to work with the higher dimensional connection with the confidence and trust I feel today.


Working with Reiki was a door opener to my own healing and to begin to share my soul’s natural way in helping others.

Working across the higher dimensional planes is a space I feel at home in, a place I was meant to find.

Over the years the energy and soul work has taken my experiences into deep levels of healing including clairvoyance, claireaudience, clairsentience and becoming a channel not just for healing but for divine soul guidance.

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When clients or students meet me they often comment on how “normal” I look and how “modern” my studio and home is. For me working with energy is about simplicity.

Simplicity allows us to see more, have clarity. And with clarity we can create space for truth.

I adopt a very simple life routine and much based on what I learned through belifehappy which was a channeled philosophy I was asked to share back in 2008. Give, Play, Love, Learn are steps I still take to ensure my soul is cared for.


I’ve experienced and embraced many healing cycles in my lifetime. My breakthrough point was experiencing depression in my mid 20’s. I started to look elsewhere for meaning in life and to strengthen my mind and body. 

The awakened soul reveals many truths.

I ended my corporate marketing career and moved to live in Cyprus where I’d felt very connected to the land and the sea. Island living offered my soul space to breathe, yet never to escape the patterns that kept repeating.

In a room filled with death, I chose to live.



Each time though it’s like the soul wisdom is ready to guide me and help me navigate each new healing cycle with much greater insight.

In following my heart I have been able to really embrace who I am and feel calm, centred, relaxed and driven. A sense of self I didn’t know existed over a decade ago.

I dream big and do the work. It’s the difference that makes the difference. I’m honest when I’m not putting in 100% and have that conversation with myself.

I’m naturally honest and find the relationship with my higher self the challenge for my growth I’ve always wanted.

I want to help you find your connection, back to simplicity, and to experience the healing and live through your passion too.

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Spiritual Closet

While I’ve been intuitive and a deep thinker for most of my life, it’s been confusing as I didn’t understand what I was seeing or feeling so I kept quiet and channeled it through the brand marketing and communications I’d specialised in.

I battled between what I thought I was, as a corporate marketer, and then between being a marketing consultant and a holistic coach and massage and reiki therapist.

Finally the battle ended when my clients showed me who they were. Over 80% of my client base were business owners and entrepreneurs. That's when I finally saw how they were working with me to support them in their business and life: strategically, energetically and holistically.

I’ve started at the beginning, many times. (And I've survived).

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living


My personal journey has been turbulent, from childhood family separation, recovery from depression, moving and living abroad, moving in total of 22 times since I was 18, returning to the UK with 2 suitcases and 5 boxes, to setting up my business, learning to live after bereavement loss, infertility and finally motherhood.

In business I’ve created and delivered successful marketing campaigns and profitable events and conferences. I’ve built a telemarketing team in Cyprus from 2 to a team of 12, hiring, training, managing and developing the database from 650 contacts to 12,000. I’ve branded a hotel which started as concrete in Paphos. I’ve marketed handling machines new to the UK market. I've helped entrepreneurs increase their revenue by 50% and push them into 6 figures, and 6 figures into 7 figures and beyond. And I’ve started my own well-being and coaching business to a fully booked client base. And you could say writing a book is starting from a blank page to a published book.



It’s the learnings, experiences, tool box, energy that have helped me survive and thrive through these challenges.

Who am I? I’m determined once I’ve made my choice, I own the vision, set intentions, I do the healing work, I look for mentors and I’m not afraid to invest in training or coaching and keep powering through with action - because I TRUST in the process.

We all start at the beginning.

We can have new beginnings within our relationships, within our business, after a bereavement, moving home to simply anytime. We all remember March 2020?

It’s being able to trust yourself to adapt and change and then you’ll have the strength to start at the beginning.

The Details

2:1 BA Hons Business & Marketing

Post Graduate Diploma Marketing (CIM)

NLP Practitioner & Coach

Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Hypnotherapist Practitioner (Non Clinical)

Mental Health First Aider

Advanced Akashic Healing Practitioner

Akashic Record Reading Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Kundalini Reiki Attuned to Master Level

Author of belifehappy

I regularly invest in my training and development, taking part in live and online trainings to update my marketing and energy work.

Things you didn't know

  1. I was born a South Yorkshire lass before moving to the flatest part of the UK in South Lincolnshire.
  2. At a party you'll find me.. on the dance floor.
  3. I used to design exhibition stands and exhibition features areas as well as market consumer shows for 30,000 people.
  4. I’ve visited a few of the world’s greatest wonders including The Great Wall of China,  Ayres Rock, Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef.
  5. Giving back is important to me and I help others with fundraising using my marketing skills.
  6. I went from a binge drinking, smoking and eating lots of biscuits and drinking caffeine to celebration only drinker, non smoker, no biscuits and decaff tea.
  7. I supported a women’s charity for a number of years and shared many of the belifehappy trainings and workshops to help this inspiring group.
  8. If I knew more about plants I think in another life I’d be a landscape gardener and be outdoors, with a dog at my side too.
  9. My old self told me I couldn’t do things, but since I chose to live I learned to bake cakes, I’ve swam 22 miles over 12 weeks for charity, I’ve walked the Great Wall of China for 5 days for charity. I’m now training my physical body through mountain climbers, full press ups and I love boxercise!
  10. I’m an older mummy finally stepping into my mummy shoes in 2022 through adoption.

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