About me

I've found my niche helping leaders and business owners create their empowered way of living in their life and business.

Planning and strategy runs through my veins after my marketing degree and post graduate diploma. After a couple of years in a London PR agency I returned to South Lincolnshire, my home town, to join a marketing team in the publishing industry. Continuing with my passion for marketing I took myself to Cyprus where I led lead generation campaigns and branding projects for a hotel and resort developer. In 2009 I began working for myself, whilst developing my mindset and retraining to welcome a more empowered way of living.

Alongside marketing mentoring, I wrote a self help book and ran a busy wellbeing practice for touch and talking therapy with workshops, which I closed in 2019 to focus on coaching and mentoring.

I'm passionate about helping my clients find aligned solutions to help them grow and in life and business, just as I am for myself.

You'll find me working from home usually with a cup of decaf tea, with my husband and our Cyprus rescue pup.

Women In Peterborough Awards Finalist 2020

Women In Peterborough Awards Finalist

Visionary Strategist

Years ago I discovered I have the ability to listen to what someone wants and create it in my mind.

But it goes further than this. I can then develop the vision and feel whether it 'fits' and is aligned.

It's where I blend my strategy background with the connection to a higher level of energy.

This combination allows me to create aligned and focused plans and actions and help guide you forward successfully.

Marketing Coaching and Mindset for Business Owners

Empowerment Coach

Empowerment is about freedom of choice. For me it's to be able to wake up each day and feel I chose today and then I chose how to experience the rest of the day.

Empowering others became a natural pathway after being a marketing manager and coming across NLP (neuro linguistic programming).

NLP practices allow us to deepen our self awareness and create new thoughts and perspectives. Helping us live in an empowered way.

Only Human

Being our human self is an evolution of where we have come from in terms of our mindset.

Leading and growing from within is an approach I've worked with over the last decade. Accessing this other knowledge through self awareness helps us connect in a much more human way.

It helps us open up insights to new opportunities, experiences and results in life and business.

I share these deeper insights across all my work.

"I love being part of this group. My learnings/realisations are slow but a huge transformation to my daily life and how I feel. Previously the week would have passed by and I would have struggled to see the good amongst the busyness of every day life."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

S.R, Leader, ELC Member