a self healing journey


After experiencing another big life change in 2008, Emma made it her mission to reconnect to her inner happiness. Having recovered from her own experiences of anxiety and depression, and watching other friends, family and colleagues experience these mental illnesses too; Emma wanted to find a lasting happiness to be life happy.

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“Just finished reading your book. Wow! Inspirational, an evocative quest to a happy soul."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Rainbow Rocks


4 Simple Steps


understanding the balance of giving and receiving across all areas of your life.


rediscover adventure, fun and creativity and add more play into your day.


take notice of your physical, emotional and mental self care and love yourself inside out.


have greater self awareness of your values, thoughts, words and actions and your choices.

belifehappy give play love learn by Emma Lannigan

“Emma takes you on her personal journey via her blog posts as she learns to self heal following a sudden tragedy.

This book is great as a straight read through or you can pick it up and read the relevant bits!

Lots of great tips and techniques to keep your life in balance and encourages you to step back and take in what's around you.”

3 June 2015

"Thought Provoking, Challenging, Inspirational & Emotive are all words I would use to describe Emma’s diary and thoughts.

I would highly recommend belifehappy as a simple read or to assist in anyone’s journey in their search for their Happiness."

April 2015.