Energy Healing

Energy Healing and Reiki Healing simply offer a pathway of returning home within yourself. Through hands on healing or distance healing you can experience subtle to big shifts and transformations in how you feel in your mind and body and in your sense of being.

What is Energy?

Everything has a vibration. You have a vibration, all people, animals, physical objects are energy.

When you are physically unwell, recovering or mentally/ emotionally healing, or have lost your sense of self, your vibration can slow and lower in its frequency.

That's when you start to notice other things in your life might not be working out as you had expected. It might be that you find you have one thing to manage then another 3 roll in.

Energy Healing, Reiki, Quantum healing - Emma Lannigan

How Energy Helps

If you have your own energy how does energy healing help?

There are different ways energy healing can help support you from a trained practitioner.

Reiki Healing offers a natural healing system. The practitioner connects into the Reiki frequency and brings this through their hands. Reiki is a hands on healing and remote healing system. It works by boosting your own natural healing system. Over time increasing your natural energy vibration, which is where you feel the positive benefits.

Quantum Healing

Through my own experience and training working with Quantum field energy healing is different to Reiki. Reiki for me is a much more physical experience. And while you can receive Reiki via distance (energy has no time of space limitations) the experience is physical, in that you can feel it.

Quantum Healing expands across all of your soul energy fields. This allows for deeper transformational healing. Healing across past lifetimes, and past events in your present life.

Quantum Healing is also faster. Getting to the result faster. The integration of the results are very individual and can be small subtle changes, to within days you experience big positive changes.

Working together

I'm about growth and development, and through energy alignment and coaching sessions I have supported many business owners and entrepreneurs as they have grown their business to launching new brands.

Whether that has been removing anxiety, money blocks, relationship patterns, to aligning and positioning to future growth through investment. It all comes from within you.

And when we work together you will get access to all of my experience to support your growth.

Emma Lannigan - Energy Healing - Akashic Records


Your racing mind slowing down

Your body learning to relax, deeply

An awareness of your whole self in one space and time

Feeling energy within your body, moving

A new understanding and sense of purpose

Feeling more in control of your time

Improved self confidence and self worth

Confidence to communicate in relationships

Reduced anxiety

Clearer more focused thoughts

Less stressed and more calm

A renewed sense of health

Improved sleep

Improved digestive system

Reduced aches and pains

"I felt deeply relaxed and then I felt something pulling from within my stomach. After I felt such a release. Something had changed."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Quantum Healing Client and Reiki Student, 2023

Reiki In Person

Sessions available on Thursday and Friday from my practice. This is based in Market Deeping, South Lincolnshire.

Session times include arrival, healing and feedback at the end of the session.

Sessions available:

50 mins | £55 (First session 60 mins to allow for brief consultation)

Book 4 sessions @ £200

These sessions are fully clothed, where you will lay on a couch with a blanket over you. You may feel you want to go to sleep and the treatment will continue while you rest. At the end of the session you will have the chance to discuss the session and receive aftercare guidance.

Emma Lannigan (1)

"I’ve been walking much easier and it’s been noticed, lots more movement in my ankle."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Quantum Healing Client and Reiki Student 2024

Emma Lannigan (1)

Quantum Healing

Sessions available on Thursday and Friday from my practice. This is based in Market Deeping, South Lincolnshire.

Session times include arrival, healing and feedback at the end of the session.

Sessions available:

75 mins | £95 (First session allow 90 mins for brief consultation)

Book 4 sessions @ £350

These sessions are fully clothed, where you will lay on a couch with a blanket over you. The session is similar to Reiki. What is different is the energy fields we are working with and the connection into your Akashic (Soul) Records for a more direct and transformational outcome.

Wellness Menu

Reiki Healing

50 mins | £55 | 4 sessions @ £200

Quantum Healing

75 mins | £95 | 4 sessions @ £350


Holistic Massage (variable pressure)

30 mins Back, neck, shoulder | £35

45 mins Back, neck, shoulder, scalp | £50

50 mins Full Body | £55

75 mins Holistic Full Body (incl scalp, face & feet) | £75

75 mins Full Body Massage with Reiki £80


Transformational Energy Mentoring

(Quantum Healing & Coaching)

60 mins £195 | 2hrs £250

Energy Explore & Release

2hrs £175

50 mins Reiki Healing

60 mins Energy Mentoring

Energy Explore & Release

3 hrs £275

50 mins Reiki Healing

60 mins Energy Mentoring

45 min Holistic Back Massage

37 Church Street

Where to find me

Monday to Wednesday I work online and remotely with 1-1 clients focused on long term transformation and growth, Akashic Transformations and ad hoc 1-1's.

Thursday and Friday you can book in person appointments for all Wellness sessions including Reiki, Healing, Holistic Massage, 1-1 Coaching, and 1-1 and Group Reiki Training.

My practice room is on a ground floor located within the Deeping Osteopaths and Associates:

37 Church Street, Market Deeping, PE6 8AN

Emma Lannigan - The Growth Energy Coach

I'm Emma...

I came into Holistic Therapy in 2009. After a year of exploring who I was and how I wanted my life to be I was first drawn to Reiki.

I left my last corporate senior marketing role in December 2008. I then went on a year of training in Reiki, Holistic Massage and NLP Coaching. I wanted to explore how our mind, body and soul connected.

After years loving my career in marketing, but the environments not loving me I had finally found something that loved all of me.

No more anxiety, no more IBS, no more self doubt.

I moved into a space of understanding who I was, choosing healthier practices for my mind and body. I also created belifehappy and was gifted through guidance four simple steps to find inner happiness for a lifetime: give, play, love, learn. I wrote my first book about this journey and learnings.

In 2015 I decided to go all in and focus on building my wellness practice. I loved it all and grew to a fully booked practice. Working 1-1 and also with corporates and agencies, including Bauer Media and Peterborough City Council, delivering taster sessions and workshops for their wellbeing days.

My journey into wellness began when my Dad suddenly died in 2008. Previously I'd experienced many rounds of anxiety and depression throughout my twenties. I'd moved abroad to "start again" however realising it would keep following me. It was through Reiki and my retraining I began to connect back to myself and my whole self.

In 2019 I experienced another personal bereavement as my sister aged 46 passed away from secondary breast cancer. Months later my in person business closed due to Covid and I adjusted how I worked focusing mainly on distance and remote healing, teaching and mentoring.

My love of energy healing and learning continues. I started teaching Reiki in 2017 and have taught students locally and across the UK.

I began an Akashic Record Reading training course in August 2021. Over three years I've been exploring this new level of work and I'm completing my Advanced Level 3 Akashic Record Reading, Facilitation and Quantum Healing and Recoding.

Consolidating all my personal and professional energy healing experiences my return to in person sessions feels very timely.

My focus is to work with you and your outcomes across any aspects of your life.

Energy healing works very well along side pre operative and post operative and general physical recovery, as well as with recovery from anxiety and depression. It's also equally beneficial for those times in life when you feel a little lost or on your own as you navigate new changes in your life.

I'm here to support you through the changes, with empathy and professionalism.


Bit more about me:

You already know about my love of energy healing so what else?

I love being outside in the fresh air, usually walking and usually with my dog.

After 3 failed rounds of IVF, in 2022 I became a mum through adoption to a wonderful cheeky and very active little boy.

I'm partially deaf and have been all my life. So you won't get much from me if you're on my right side!

When I'm not supporting clients, playing gladiators with my little one or dog walking, I love to be at the gym. I love the physical and mental improvement from learning what my body can do as it gets older!

I finally accepted I am highly intuitive a few years ago, and naturally channel guidance through my everyday life.

Most clients comment how down to earth I am and that I'm very modern for a "spiritual person." I'm not into rituals or ceremonies, they just haven't found me. I've always been drawn to the science and simplicity of energy and how we can adjust our energy to enjoy this lifetime with more love, ease and grace.


Q Do I have to undress to have energy healing/ reiki?
No. These sessions are fully clothed. You will be asked to remove your shoes, watch and any scarves or heavy jewellery. Glasses need to be removed and hearing aids. However I will explain how the session will finish and have your glasses/ aids ready for you so you experience little discomfort.
Q Do you stay in a chair for the session?
When you arrive you will sit on the couch to check in. Then lay comfortably for the duration of your session. At the end of the session you will be assisted to sit on the couch while you "wake up."
Q Will I go to sleep?
Sometimes clients will feel so relaxed they fall into a deep sleep during their session. This is absolutely OK. The healing is still working and flowing. Sometimes we fall asleep as it removes the experience of the healing. Others keep awake to feel the healing.
Q Will I get any psychic messages?
It's really important to share that energy healing and reiki and transformational experiences access higher dimensional energy frequencies. This can mean practitioners can access guidance. However it's important to note this cannot be expected as part of the session. Some spiritual guidance may be given, however if you wish to receive more in depth guidance it is recommended you consider adding an energy mentoring session which includes intuitive guidance.
[Please also note any guidance is for informational purposes only and is not prescriptive. You should always continue to follow any medical, financial and legal guidance.]
Q How will I know if the healing has worked?
Energy healing is an individual experience. You may feel benefits after the session and for some days after. Healing energy can continue to work up to 48 hours after your session.
Q How often would you have healing sessions?
You can receive healing everyday. However for the integration it is recommended once or twice a week where you are working on a specific outcome to every 3 - 4 weeks for on going self care. You will usually know after 3-4 sessions how often you would like to receive energy healing.
Q What happens after the session?
At the end of your session you will be guided to slowly wake up your body and open your eyes. You will be given a glass of water to help you hydrate and ground after your session. We will discuss your session and written record notes are kept privately for reference and insurance purposes.
After Care
Energy Healing can continue to work for up to 48 hours after the actual session. During this time it is important to keep hydrated with water, rest if you feel you want to, or go for a walk or run if you want to.
You may find you sleep well after your session. You may also need to go to the toilet more frequently. This is normal for the first 24 hours as the treatment clears in the the same way as a massage. (When your body goes into deep relaxation your parasympathetic system is activated and works on clearing toxins and waste, which are released through your urine, poo and also skin. By keeping hydrated you help this process and avoid skin outbreaks and also potential headaches.
It is possible where healing has been focused on emotional healing that you may feel emotional. It's good to allow this process to help harmonise and regulate your emotions. However if you feel you are not able to control or stabilise your emotions you are advised to contact your therapist practitioner as they can understand whether it is related to your session.
Details will be given of all After Care at each session.
Q How do I book?
All bookings online, remote and in person are booked directly with Emma Lannigan. There is not an online booking system. Bookings are by enquiry form on this website or by email: You will be asked for your mobile number once a booking is confirmed for confirmation to be sent via WhatsApp (as this is encryted.)
Q How is payment taken?
My practice has always worked with payment at the time of booking or within 2 days/ 48 hours of your appointment.
Payment is by online bank transfer and details will be given at your time of booking.
There is no card reader for in person sessions, so please ensure you have made your transfer before you arrive at your appointment (or have the correct cash for your payment.)
Q What are the cancellation/ refund terms?
Fees are non refundable however they can be transferred should you need to postpone and reschedule. No refunds are given for cancellations. If you have any questions about payments please email
Q Do you have gift vouchers?
Gift vouchers are available, purchased for specific sessions, packages and towards training or specific £ amounts. Please contact us to order a gift voucher.
[These FAQ were last updated on 15 April 2024 and over-ride the main Terms & Conditions.]