Learn Reiki

Learning Reiki invites you to raise your self awareness through meditation, relaxation, visualisation and self healing.

The self discipline that Reiki encourages allows your spiritual and soul expansion to blossom.

I'll share with you the traditional Usui Reiki practices for your own self healing across all areas of your life.

And if you are looking to practice professionally alongside your current practices, I teach to National Occupational Standards and offer a mix of 1-1, Group and Live Online and In Person Attunements and Training Days. Plus on going Reiki Shares, Mentoring and options to join the Mastery Portal for further learning and support.



About Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese natural healing system which has been practiced across the western world since the late 1940's.

Having been lost in translation of the ancient sutras, Dr Usui rediscovered them and brought them into practice again in the early  Reiki reached Western practice in the 1950's and became more widely recognised as a complementary therapy in the 1980's.

Practiced in hospitals across the NHS, Reiki can be used as a self development tool and you can train to practice professionally for use with your clients in touch therapy, counselling, coaching, teaching and training to business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to align their energy and impact.

Feel empowered as you learn tools for your own healing and soul growth.

Emma Lannigan - Energy Healing - Akashic Records

Just for today..

Reiki has the ability to bring us into the present moment and be "in the now".

A space to switch off your busy mind, reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety and replace with greater inner calm, clarity and peace.

Reiki will guide you as you welcome your own level of healing.

Reiki works with you at an individual level and offers healing of the mind, body, emotions and soul.

You can chose to experience Reiki through distance healing or in person sessions, to learn reiki for your own self healing or learn reiki to practice professionally.

Either way as a master practitioner for over a decade and teacher since 2017, I'll be here to support and mentor you.

Reiki: the secret art of inviting happiness, the miraculous medicine of all diseases.

Reiki Training

Reiki Level One

(Shoden - First Teachings)

Learn about the history of Reiki, what is energy, chakras, meditation, relaxation, visualisation, self healing and healing sequence for friends and family. Receive your first Reiki attunement to connect to the universal healing energy. (This is for self healing and a foundation to Level II.)

Reiki Level Two

(Okunden - Inner Teachings)

This training deepens your inner healing working with and being attuned to the three practitioner symbols. With further work around the chakras and auric field, working with pendulums, scanning and other techniques. (This level brings you to practitioner level.)

Reiki Level Three

(Shinpiden - Mystery Teachings)

Master Practitioner Level introduces you to the mastery teachings. You take your Reiki learning further with the Master symbol and your attunement to this insightful healing energy.

At Master Level you'll learn more advanced energy healing practices and discuss your on going development with ongoing mentoring.

Ways to Learn

Group Online and In person

This format of learning offers live online training in small groups. The online sessions cover three two hour sessions.

You'll be offered a 1-1 distance attunement and have access to your training manual and training materials online for you to download.

If you wish to receive a certificate with your lineage to complete the full training you will complete an extra one day in person training where you will also receive an in person attunement.

Group In Person Days

This format covers two full days of in person training.

You'll work in a small group and be offered a 1-1 in person attunement.

The training offers more practical support from meditations, self healing, hands on healing and grounding and protection techniques to further techniques.

Refreshments and light snacks are provided.

1-1 Online & In Person

Learning 1-1 offers you the full training space dedicated to your healing and learning.

Students find this way of learning suits them when they have confidential personal or professional motivations for their training.

Healing is a very personal journey, so if you don't feel comfortable in a group environment we can work directly together on your needs.

I tailor the training to you, while covering the core essential elements.

Training Format

Whether online or in person you'll find my teaching approach is to ensure you feel connected to the information you are learning. There's no rush, and yet we will keep to time.

You'll find the space is practical to help you integrate the learnings into your everyday life, yet spiritual as energy is in it's very nature.

Training is always held in a confidential, non judgemental and kind and friendly space. The training is not therapy, however the nature of personal development opens up personal questions. I will make sure you feel safe.

Once you select your dates your training will be confirmed with details on what to bring.

Training classes are currently planned within South Lincolnshire, venues to be confirmed.

Training days start at 9:30am and finish around 4- 4:30pm.

Training Fees

Full training to National Occupational Standards guidelines for teaching Reiki set in 2017. The training meets the criteria for the CNHC if you want to have the option to join once a practitioner, or you just want to be assured your training investment is a one time investment.

Reiki Level 1 Student: £295

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner : £395

Reiki Level 3a Master Practitioner : £495

Reiki Level 3b Reiki Teacher : POA


Student to Practitioner Fees: £650

Student to Master Practitioner Fees: £1,150

From Level 1 to Level 3a you can train within 9 months.

(Please note there is a small additional fee for 1-1 training.)

Bonus Support

  • Access Training Materials Online
  • Private Students Only FB Group
  • Options to Join Reiki Shares (Fees Apply)
  • On Going Teacher Access

2024 Training Dates

2024/ 2025 group training dates. All training will be held in venues across South Lincolnshire (Market Deeping/ Stamford).

Reiki Level One:

20/21 April 2024

Reiki Level Two:

13/14 July 2024

Reiki Level Three A:

12/13 October 2024

Reiki Level One:

14/15 September 2024

Reiki Level Two:

2/3 November 2024

Reiki Level Three A:

22/23 March 2025

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Reiki & Business

"Emma has been a key part of my energy journey over recent years. Having met her many years previously and connecting from the off, she has since guided me through from Reiki Level 1 to Reiki Master Practitioner, and most recently through reading and clearing my Akashic Records.

What I’ve really loved on the journey has been Emma’s practical approach to energy. I never really had an intention to be a reiki ‘practitioner’.

However Emma has been able to support me in integrating the concept and principles of universal energy into my work as a leadership and team development coach and trainer - offering techniques and practical tips to build energy within the groups that I work with.

This has been invaluable to me and my own personal energy journey over recent years.

If you’re looking for someone to get you started on your energy journey, help you to integrate energy into your life and work, or need a professional and pragmatic energy mentor, I’d definitely recommend a chat with Emma!"

Shaun Beck, Managing Director | Inspire Ignite Coaching & Training

In the UK you are not able to practice professionally at Level 1. You must have completed Level 2 Practitioner Training and have received a minimum of 12 hours teacher led in person live training for Level 1 and Level 2. You must also have received your attunement in person (not by distance), and have a copy of a printed manual, your teacher's lineage and a signed certificate.

If you choose to complete the full level 1 and Level 2 training you will receive a printed manual, lineage, certificate and your in person attunement. The mix of online and in person training I offer meets the UK standards as it is all live training directly by myself.

The manual's you receive were passed to me via my teacher, from her teacher. These were updated by myself and they are checked and updated annually.

My lineage has been confirmed by the Reiki Association: Usui, Hashayi, Takata, Ishikuro, Arthur Robertson, William Rand.

I was taught in a small group and received both practical and spiritual teachings. I am still in contact with my teacher and I offer this connection to all my students.

Meet Your Teacher

Emma Lannigan - The Growth Energy Coach

I first heard about Reiki from a friend in 2008 when I explained a feeling I'd had in my hands. At the time I was a Marketing Manager for a European Division of an International Corporation.

Since 2007 and into 2008 I'd been soul exploring which only accelerated after the sudden death of my Dad aged 61 and I was 31 at the time.

I don't recommend any student does what I did, but I handed in my notice and booked a Reiki Session. Then immediately booked on my level 1 training. My teacher commented I was like "a duck to water." For me it was the beginning of understanding a part of me I'd felt had been missing.

Within months I signed up for my Level Two with a different teacher. I chose to change teachers as I was looking for more spiritual and trance connections (a personal choice).

Level Two completed at a time I'd qualified as a ITEC Holistic Massage Therapist and a NLP Practitioner and Coach. I spent the next months practicing on myself and with my first of many clients.

By May 2010 I had trained as a Master Practitioner but decided not to teach as I had so much to learn. The following years in Cyprus and then returning back to the UK in 2011 saw my healing and coaching practice develop. By 2016 I had a fully booked practice and in 2017 decided to complete my teacher training. I was wonderful to spend time with my teacher again and talk about all that I'd experienced and learned.

And it's not stopped there. With each training and attunement I felt another level of healing within myself. Then in 2019 my sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer and all my healing practices were put to a whole new level of being tested. Managing the anxiety of what would come next, to being present in the moment as much as I could, to opening my heart when I just wanted to scream.

In 2020 I felt drawn to more distance healing work and opened an online membership for collective healing. During this time my channeling practice developed. I used to channel many years ago but asked for it to be turned off. I was still in hiding!

After the initial grieving of the loss of my sister I felt my energy had changed and I felt much more confident in who I was.

In 2021 I began a practitioner training in Akashic Record Readings and Quantum Healing Techniques. This training helped me understand a lot of the work I had been experiencing but hadn't been taught. My confidence grew again.

Since December 2021 I have been offering Akashic Record Readings and Akashic Healing, seeing transformational results in myself and in clients.

I continue to teach Reiki because I wouldn't be able to do this work without what I learned and practiced through Reiki. And more so what Reiki helped heal within me.

As your teacher I share all my professional and personal experiences including my marketing background if that helps you with your business.

I'm here for you as you move through your healing. And I keep healing to keep helping you.

In 2024 I will have completed the Advanced Akashic Record Reading Facilitator Training and then who knows...

When I'm not working I'm pretty much outside walking the dog, playing with my little one, at the gym or gazing at the night sky.

When Business, Coaching & Reiki Collide

"Even though I am based in Manchester, our One to One sessions worked really well online. I can honestly say that without my sessions with Emma I would not have had the confidence, self-belief nor motivation to set up my own counselling website and be nearly ready to launch my own business.  I have been talking about it for years - and now it is finally a reality! I have used many of Emma's services - firstly coaching, secondly Distance Reiki and Marketing Mentoring. I'm also a member of the ELC and I've completed my Reiki Level One training.

Emma definitely has a special touch and offers so much more than the professionalism and expertise in what she does. I think what makes her unique is her down to earth approach, her honesty and genuineness and her incredible positive and motivating energy - it is infectious.

I would recommend her to anyone who isn't feeling truly fulfilled with where they are or what they are doing in their life, needs help in setting clear lifelong goals (both personal and business) or has any limiting beliefs stopping them from doing what they truly want to achieve."

Joanne Oliver, Private Counsellor, Manchester

1-1 Energy Retreats

Experience multidimensional energy and explore and connect with your soul energy and soul journey. After an initial call together these sessions can be tailored to your individual pathway.

Expect guided soul exploration, intuitive guidance, guided meditation, receiving healing, coaching focus and a follow up check in session.

For Reiki students/ practitioners you can receive Reiki Reiju Empowerments in these sessions too.

9:30 - 1:30 £333

9:30 - 4:30 £555

(Available in South Lincolnshire and London*.) (*London fees apply)