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Focused, Fast and Fun

I’m super focused in life and business and you’ll get 100 per cent of this working with me.

I listen, I get to know you and I’m all in.

And if I can’t help or I’m not the right person I’ll be honest. Time is precious.

Shifting your mindset, strategy and energy is serious stuff, and when we lift the mood the energy flows much better.

Expect this to be a human experience. Let’s get to know each other and make this experience one you enjoy.

Marketing Coaching and Mindset for Business Owners

One to One

Choosing to work One to One with me is a committed step forward.

To find clarity and take action in yourself or your business is about investing in growth.

With growth comes change and you need to be ready and willing to take action too.

I'm here to take you through those early to deeper phases of change and growth in your life and business.


Sometimes you want to go it alone and I get that.

The programmes available cover mindset, energy and marketing. These range from quick insights to more longer term change.

This route is all about blending what and how and getting results for yourself.

And when you want one to one support you can access that too.

The Marketing Academy offers an online course to get you started with your marketing.

And for more energy and self development the Reiki Training Programme is available with a blend of online and in person training.


Ongoing Support

Whatever stage of your journey you are on, doing it on your own can be tough.

It can also feel like you're the only one. I felt this too when I was setting up my business and working on my self development and have seen many clients feel exactly the same.

For ongoing support I've set up the Empowered Living Club. It's a monthly membership where you get access to me throughout the week and lots of insight resources to support your mindset, strategy and energy. A space for when you are growing and you want to be with like minded people, be able to reach out to ask questions and have accountability for your actions.

And if you need a little more help you can reach out to one of the Programmes or work with me One to One.

"I am feeling a bit more empowered, it was lovely to talk to you about energy and getting my mindset back in my business."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

L.S. Business Owner, Mentoring Session

Why it's worth investing in yourself

Taking those steps to invest and work on yourself are scary.

You're walking into an unknown if you've not had any coaching or worked with a mentor before.

Likewise to invest in your business and start actively marketing in a planned way will be a completely new way of doing things.

But it's the results you want. That's why you are here.

To get a different outcome, you will need to do things differently.

This might mean learning new skills or learning new awareness about yourself or your business.

These new insights are the starting blocks to empowering change. And it just grows.

The moment you start to see, feel and hear those results being achieved is the moment you will never regret investing in yourself or your business.

In fact, you'll more likely say like I did and like other clients do: "Why didn't I do this sooner!"

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