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I’m super focused in life and business and you’ll get 100 per cent of this working with me.

I listen, I get to know you and I’m all in.

And if I can’t help or I’m not the right person I’ll be honest. Time is precious.

Shifting and aligning your mindset, strategy and energy is serious stuff. However expect some fun as when we lift the mood the energy flows much better.

Expect working with me to be a holistic human, soul led and multidimensional experience. 

Let’s get to know each other and make this experience one you enjoy as you align to yourself and future.

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At Your Pace

I've created a space called belifehappy where you can work on your self, mindset and energy throughout the month.

It's simple monthly membership where you have access to resources to teach you new tools and techniques for creating calm, reducing anxiety to managing and connecting with energy.

Explore all the features of the belifehappy Portal.

Soul Level

Working 1-1 we will explore, align and create together.

This work is deep, transformational and will be designed to work towards your outcomes.

A mix of energy alignment, coaching and mentoring to set you on to your new course and new experiences.

Emma Lannigan

Business Growth

A reset and evaluation of your current marketing strategy to help you course correct for aligned growth.

You’ll walk away with a marketing strategy and outline plan to help you keep focused on your business and growth.

You can always add additional mentoring sessions to help you stay accountable while you settle into delivering your new plan.

Intensive 1-1

Intensive sessions to focus on you or you and your business.

An opportunity to be in a new space and explore the deep truth behind where you are now and where you want to be.

The sessions are a live blend of coaching, energy guidance and strategy, to offer you more clarity, energy and passion once again for your life or business.

These sessions are in person and can be booked as half days within South Lincolnshire/ Peterborough, and or full days across the UK at major cities including London.


Fees start from £750.


I have just had one of the most amazing coaching experiences of my life. A full day with Emma working through my vision for the next stage of my ethical underwear and clothing brand. Emma is unique, she is a business woman with experience in marketing, events, strategy, people BUT over and above all this she works with energy and a stream of conscious guidance to support the plan and the deliverables. All I can say is you have to try it to believe it. I now have a clear plan, I know what to do next, I 100% know I am on the right track. All the ground work from the past few years is being rewarded! I personally feel on fire! Emma has facilitated this and will continue to support my evolution and help me to drive meaningful change for people and our planet.

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

Gilly - Founder & CEO Peachaus

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Why it's worth investing in yourself

Taking those steps to invest and work on yourself are scary.

You're walking into an unknown if you've not had any coaching or worked with a mentor before.

Likewise to invest in your business and start actively marketing in a planned way will be a completely new way of doing things.

But it's the results you want. That's why you are here.

To get a different outcome, you will need to do things differently.

This might mean learning new skills or learning new awareness about yourself or your business.

These new insights are the starting blocks to empowering change. And it just grows.

The moment you start to see, feel and hear those results being achieved is the moment you will never regret investing in yourself or your business.

In fact, you'll more likely say like I did and like other clients do: "Why didn't I do this sooner!"