Work with me

I’m super focused in life and business and you’ll get 100 per cent of this working with me.

I listen, I get to know you and I’m all in.

And if I can’t help or I’m not the right person I’ll be honest. Time is precious.

Shifting and aligning your mindset, strategy and energy is serious stuff. However expect some fun as when we lift the mood the energy flows much better.

Expect working with me to be a holistic human, soul led and multidimensional experience. 

Let’s get to know each other and make this experience one you enjoy as you align to yourself and future.

Energy Healing Guide - Emma Lannigan

One to One

The One to One Mastery Mentorship is designed for you and for your individual and unique soul journey.

Ideally you will be working with energy in some form, either self healing, therapeutic, yoga, coaching, reiki healing, mediumship, intuitive.

You’ve experienced, healing, working with it or had an energy shift and are continuing to develop your journey.

As an entrepreneur and leader you may have experienced your intuition and want to develop the connection with your higher self. On the Signature programme sessions can focus on your business too.

Emma is an experienced marketing strategist and can connect into your business and help develop a focused growth strategy with you, so you feel completely aligned for growth.


We’ll work with multidimensional energy for a half day or full day together.

A space for exploring, healing and creating, One to One, with me based at my home in South Lincolnshire or we can arrange a venue within the UK.

A half day session will include some of these below with shorter sessions and a full day can include:

  • Creative Energy Exploration
  • Relaxation & Reiki Healing
  • Akashic Records & Akashic Healing
  • Reflection Space
  • Clearing Session (Energy & Emotions)
  • Soul Journey Mentoring (Purpose & Vision)
  • Working with Energy Mentoring (self & professionally developing)

Before your Retreat we'll go through where you are now so your Retreat is tailored to your soul growth.

This is for you when you are ready to explore, open and heal in your life. The investment reflects the depth of healing and transformation you will experience.

Investment from £295.


Soul Alignment

A reset and alignment to your new pathway, where healing the past and clearing the emotional attachment frees your soul to move forward.

Can include:

  • Pre session call
  • Pre session work
  • 1-1 session (up to 3 hrs)
  • Distance Healing (1 hr)
  • 28 days Alignment Work
  • Follow Up 1-1

These sessions are designed for you based on the pre session call, and will be agreed before the sessions are arranged. All sessions are provisionally pre booked and payment is required in advance.

We'll be working with Reiki Energy, Akashic Records, NLP, Time Line Therapy and Source Guidance.

Investment from £795.


Business Alignment

A reset and evaluation of your current marketing strategy to help you course correct for aligned growth.

Can include:

  • Strategy Review
  • Recommendations
  • 1-1 mentoring over 3/6 months (5-8 sessions)
  • Email support
  • Access to tried and tested tools

Be aware with the nature of this work you will be entering a period of changing things up, and it can get uncomfortable. You’re in good hands though as I can guide you personally through any resistance.

You’ll walk away with a marketing strategy and outline plan to help you keep focused on your business and growth.

You can always add additional mentoring sessions to help you stay accountable while you settle into delivering your new plan.

Investment for packages starts from £2995.

Join The M Portal

Inside the Mastery Portal you’ll align, create, develop and be guided across multidimensional energy to help support you, and navigate your soul journey in this lifetime.

And you'll get to do this at your own pace and with the support of others in the community.

As a member you'll get access to join one monthly group distance healing and receive a channelled energy report for guidance and insights. (You are required to opt in to each session.)

You can ask Emma questions and a community of like minded hearted centred professionals and entrepreneurs.

Take part in challenges to help you develop your higher self connection.

And focus your energy through weekly practice for intention setting and accountability for your growth.

You can choose from a monthly or annual membership.

M Portal Online Community - Emma Lannigan
Learn Reiki - Self Healing, Reiki Training with Emma Lannigan

Energy Mastery Programme

Learn and become attuned to Reiki Level 1 and 2 to help open your energy and for self healing.

Not all Reiki practitioners choose to practice professionally so this mix of online and in person training is perfect to begin working with energy for your own self healing.

If you want to go pro then this training can be topped up to learn professionally with an additional in person two day course.

I teach to National Occupational Guidelines and have run a successful wellbeing practice for a number of years. I also offer mentoring to Reiki Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Reiki Teachers.

(Master/ Teacher Level taught to professional Reiki Practitioners only.)

One Off

Distance Healing & Guidance

1-1 Distance Healing and chanelled guidance for your journey. These sessions offer healing through Reiki and higher dimensional Akashic healing.

Sessions are pre booked and last approx 45 - 60 mins.

Guidance is emailed after the session.

Akashic Record Reading

Gaining access to understand your Soul Purpose and the past life and ancestral influences and blocks on your current life situation.

Followed by an Akashic distance healing session

Followed by 28 day alignment programme

Follow Up Check in session

Online Soul Mentoring

Ad hoc mentoring sessions via Zoom to access support for your soul journey and development.

Particularly useful for entrepreneurs who value energy connection for their soul and business growth. You might be feeling stuck or moving through change. These sessions will offer you clarity, clearing and focus for the future.

Sessions begin from 60 mins to 2hrs.

"I am feeling more empowered, it was lovely to talk to you about energy and getting my mindset back in my business."

Emma Lannigan - Empowered Living

L.S. Business Owner, Mentoring Session

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Why it's worth investing in yourself

Taking those steps to invest and work on yourself are scary.

You're walking into an unknown if you've not had any coaching or worked with a mentor before.

Likewise to invest in your business and start actively marketing in a planned way will be a completely new way of doing things.

But it's the results you want. That's why you are here.

To get a different outcome, you will need to do things differently.

This might mean learning new skills or learning new awareness about yourself or your business.

These new insights are the starting blocks to empowering change. And it just grows.

The moment you start to see, feel and hear those results being achieved is the moment you will never regret investing in yourself or your business.

In fact, you'll more likely say like I did and like other clients do: "Why didn't I do this sooner!"