Guiding you to feel more empowered in your life and business.

Emma guides leaders and business owners to live their vision with aligned purpose, passion and energy.

Transforming ideas into plans, and plans into reality.

An experienced marketer, coach, energy teacher and workshop trainer, Emma’s unique energy focused style will empower you to feel lifted in your life and business, owning self awareness and confidence that gets you the results you want.

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An online membership coaching club, with weekly intentions, accountability and Q & A. Plus monthly self development theme, resources and group distance reiki healing to support your journey.

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Kindness is something we all have and share, and also something we can develop. Just like all self development, it’s like a muscle that grows the more we use it. Before we start developing this muscle it’s key to build our awareness about what kindness means in our world. (By that I mean in your […]

Self Development with Reiki - Emma Lannigan Happiness Coach

Self Development Journey with Reiki

Approaching our self development journey we don’t usually put Reiki as the number one place to start, especially not to start learning and practicing it. It might not have been first for me either. I read a number of books first and then in a conversation wth a friend in November 2008 I first heard […]

Future vision planning with Emma Lannigan

Future Vision

My future vision planning for the next 6 months has started today. I’m literally coming to the end of a 10 year cycle in December and what a 10 years! So much has changed, grown and developed in my personal life and business world. And while there’s been so much change there also hasn’t… I’m […]

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An online private community to share your journey and lift your life and business with other people like you.

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