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Be You Again

Breaking out of the cycle of busyness? Feeling the need for mind and body relaxation? Maybe you're coping with life's changes or a physical recovery? Or simply ready to create time for you?

It might be that you're looking to create a new business or project and something is holding you back.

You can work with me at my home in Market Deeping, near Deeping St James, Stamford, Bourne, Spalding and Peterborough. And for those a further away, I offer distance reiki and online skype 1:1 coaching.

With me at your side, I'm here to inspire your passion for living and being you.

Happiness for a lifetime

Finding happiness for a lifetime and be life happy has been my passion and purpose since 2008 when belifehappy was created.  Helping to inspire holistic wellbeing in life and business through coaching and learning to reconnect, recharge and empower our emotional, physical and spiritual self.

Living with happiness comes from raising our self awareness so we access new insights about our inner self; a new truth and authenticity to share in our personal and professional world.

Once we are aligned with our inner happiness we gain access to a greater sense of calm, purpose, focus, flow in our world.

Get Happiness in Your Life and Business


Reiki is a wonderful complementary treatment that helps restore our natural emotional, mental and physical balance. 

The deeply relaxing benefits of Reiki healing help support the recovery of a stressful periods in life.

Guest Writer

Are you looking for a writer? A blog or editorial piece? I’ve been writing copy for two decades and blogs since 2010 covering topics on marketing, branding, communication and mind and body holistic wellbeing.


Talks, workshops and online resources designed to share the message and inspire practical ways to reduce stress and manage stress, through focus, time, communication and self care. Informal, engaging and interactive delivery.

Marketing Mentoring

Whether you are self employed, a start up or entrepreneur when you want to create or redefine your marketing to deliver, the process of marketing mentoring involves aligning you with your business.

Empower Life Coaching

Empower Life Coaching is as individual as you are. There is no one programme solution to fix your problem. Instead we create a programme just for your outcomes, and you’ll learn tools for the journey to get you there; travelling with energy and feeling empowered.

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage can become part of your self care and relaxation for mind and body. As a touch therapy massage helps to stimulate your circulation, promote relaxation, energy, improved sleep, removal of waste and toxins and improved digestive system.

Emma’s Blog Topics

The First Step is Always the Greatest

Get in touch with Emma to learn more about working together to reconnect, recharge and empower your inner happiness.

News, Events & Inspiring Blogs

Death – monthly guidance

Death February 2018 Monthly Guidance Is death the beginning? We won’t ever know. What we do know is death is part of a cycle of life and a form of transformation. Last month when we took our attention to return to innocence, the guidance was taking us back to the ‘who I am.’ Helping us […]

Life challenges through new doors - Emma Lannigan

Life Challenges

Life challenges present us with anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and anxiety. They also present us with opportunity, learnings and health and happiness. It’s during the first part of challenges we are more inclined towards ‘giving up’. These challenges are anything in life and we’re not talking new year resolutions here. Bereavement for example is […]

Return to innocence monthly guidance January 2018 by Emma Lannigan

Return to innocence – monthly guidance

Return to innocence January 2018 Monthly Guidance When we return to innocence, we return deep within ourselves; our home and our truth. There is nothing more pure than the simplicity of who you are and be in your world. Each year, whether you have chosen to grow and develop, or you are naturally evolving, you […]

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Love your reflection - Guided Meditation - belifehappy

What Readers and Clients Say

Even though I am based in Manchester, our NLP sessions worked really well via Skype. I can honestly say that without my sessions with Emma I would not have had the confidence, self-belief nor motivation to set up my own counselling website and be nearly ready to launch my own business in January 2018.  I have been talking about it for years – and now it is finally a reality! I have used three of Emma’s services – firstly NLP, secondly distance Reiki, and thirdly business and marketing mentoring.

She definitely has a special touch and offers so much more than the professionalism and expertise in what she does.  I think what makes her unique is her down to earth approach, her honesty and genuineness and her incredible positive and motivating energy – it is infectious.

I would recommend her to anyone who isn’t feeling truly fulfilled with where they are or what they are doing in their life, needs help in setting clear lifelong goals (both personal and business) or has any limiting beliefs stopping them from doing what they truly want to achieve.

Jo Oliver, Private Counsellor, Manchester

Online Coaching

“I came on this workshop as the continuation of personal development sounded interesting. I try to go with few expectations, but I think this workshop has been accurate in terms of the theme of the workshop. Meeting new people and learning a new approach, plus being reminded of some techniques I already know has been helpful. The part of the workshop I found I didn’t enjoy the most was the self reflection, but that isn’t always easy, but it’s important. The workshop has been a worthwhile way to spend a morning learning something new which will have a positive effect on life it you let it.”

H.O, Four Steps to Learn Happiness, May 2017


“I would recommend this workshop. It’s early days but it has helped. It was good to talk with like minded people and I would recommend it to anyone who has similar problems including stress and anxiety.”

J.N, Four Steps to Learn Happiness, May 2017


“Excellent grounding in marketing and essential information on social media. Well taught and fun.” SM- Essential Marketing

Excellent Grounding

“I have found Emma to be highly motivated and a first class professional in all aspects of her work. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her work is infectious and I would not hesitate in recommending Emma to anyone looking for a refreshing and positive approach to the wellbeing and life coaching elements of belifehappy.”

Owner at Looking After Eve, MBACP registered Counsellor and Tutor at City College, Peterborough

Refreshing and Positive

“I would love to work with Emma more. I find her passion infectious and I feel calm and lighter after being around her. She is a natural motivator.”

S.W, Create Your Vision, March 2016

Natural Motivator

“Thank you for a lovely morning. I felt rather emotional at the beginning of the session when we were talking about being ‘happy’. Now I’m leaving feeling positive. Thank you.”

M.T, Create Your Vision, March 2016

Feeling Positive

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It was fun and empowering.”

E.J, Create Your Vision, March 2016

Fun and Empowering

“Excellent day/ morning workshop which was worth the drive and the money. I’ve got a lot out of being here.” M.H, Create Your Vision 2016


“Working with Emma has truly been a beautiful and transformative experience. I love Emma’s caring, inspiring and passionate approach. Together we have worked on realising my future dreams, practising gratitude and being proactive in creating the life that I desire. She has been a wonderful support and guide to me and I am so grateful to have met and worked with her. I feel empowered and excited about my future and well equipped with tools and techniques to use going forward to continue my development. Emma is a gifted life coach and I can’t recommend her enough.”  E. Coles May 2017.

Transformative experience

‘I feel lucky to have crossed paths with Emma, at a time when I had set an intention to invest more in my own wellbeing. I purchased the ‘self-care 4 me’ package and I chose 4 full body massages. The package was incredibly good value and I enjoyed having a treatment to look forward to when I needed one.
The massage itself was wonderful; deeply relaxing with some unique shoulder stretches that helped improve the tension in my upper back. Emma made me feel at ease immediately, was warm and friendly and tailored the massage to me individually.
Through talking to Emma about some of the stress that I was experiencing in my life, she gave me some practices to help me protect my energy and I have used them every day since. Having been attuned to Reiki myself, these were practices that I could relate to, reminding me how valuable they can be at helping me to feel more in control.
I have had many holistic treatments including massages before but Emma’s passion, depth of knowledge and interest in me as an individual really set this experience apart and I would recommend her to anybody.’
– Nicola, mental health worker, March 2017

Investing in myself

“I had no idea what to expect but was looking forward to 50 minutes of lying still. After being cocooned in Emma’s beautifully calming treatment room, she took me through some guided breathing, then I closed my eyes while Emma moved around the couch.

The heat which Emma generated without even touching me was surprising. My tummy became quite noisy and my throat felt slightly tickly, but otherwise I can only describe my session as deeply wonderfully relaxing. I lost all sense of time and I can honestly say that I felt more ‘Zen like’ afterwards than I have in years; beautifully chilled and almost as if I had a force field around me.”

Stamford Living Feature, July 2015

Media Review

“Emma offers a number of treatments from her beautiful home in Market Deeping, I personally have Reiki and Massage treatments. Emma’s techniques go way beyond any other treatments I have had before and her prices, compared to that of beauty salons, which I personally feel don’t compare to what she offers, are very reasonable.”

H.P, Maxey, Business Owner.


Reiki and Massage

“My monthly massage with you is my medication. It’s my “me time” which is so important in our busy lifestyles we lead. I never leave a treatment without having the next one booked in.

Some look forward to buying a new handbag or new clothes as their treat, my number one treat to myself is looking after me. I look forward to my massages with Emma, for relaxation and destress time. It’s my monthly dose of “pick me up” medication.

As I say, ‘my body magic in an hour.’ I have recommended Emma many many times and will continue to do so.”

W.S. Langtoft, Healthcare.

Body Magic in an Hour

“Will definitely recommend Emma’s massages, can’t wait for my next one. Thanks Emma.”

KB, Business Owner, Market Deeping

“I have a monthly massage with Emma and it’s heaven. I always fall asleep as I’m so relaxed! Can highly recommend.”

Monthly massage K.S, Nursing, Healthcare

“A few weeks back I had a million and one things going through my mind.  I was angry and I just couldn’t see straight and it was having an effect on my life in that my relationship had broken down and it was effecting my work.

Over the period of a month I had three one hour face to face sessions with Emma and my anger has subsided. I feel calmer and communication in my work and personal relationships has improved massively. As a result I’m happily back at home with my partner and children, I spend more time at home and talk more and I’m looking forward to next year with a clearer and happier view.”

Releasing anger Male, 35-40 years, 2015

“By the time I left that session, despite not being able to complete the task I wanted to, I felt lifted.  I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  The next day I was walking into a situation I would previously not have managed.  Not only did I walk in but, with the tools that Emma had armed me with I totally nailed it!”

Confidence and happiness Female, 28 yrs, 2015

“I laughed and I cried and learned and I was inspired, I thought it was brilliant, it stays by my bedside! I especially liked my little signed message, always makes me smile!” Jan 2016


“Having been an enthusiastic and long time admirer of belifehappy, I was not disappointed by the recent release of Emma’s book. ‘Thought Provoking, Challenging, Inspirational & Emotive’ are all words I would use to describe Emma’s diary and thoughts. I would highly recommend belifehappy as a simple read or to assist in anyone’s journey in their search for their Happiness. I’ve bought copies for my friends and the individual messages that Emma writes are a lovely touch.” 

Thought provoking C. Johnson, Co-owner of Hobson & Pink.

“Thank you for sending me the book. The message you wrote was lovely very fitting. I’ve dipped in and out of belifehappy and find your words very inspirational. Put it this way even though I think I’m a fairly smiley person I made sure I smiled that bit more today, hopefully I brought a bit more cheer to the workplace. I enjoyed reading your memories of the China trek. I think it’s good to remind ourselves of our achievements, as time goes on its easy to forget these things. Hope you sell many more copies, each home could do with a be life happy book.” 

Smile a bit more Carolyn. E

“Emma the author takes you on her personal journey via her blog posts as she learns to self heal following a sudden tragedy. This book is great as a straight read through or you can pick it up and read the relevant bits! Lots of great tips and techniques to keep your life in balance and encourages you to step back and take in what’s around you.”

Self heal R. Johnson

Not Feeling Yourself?

When our emotional and physical wellbeing is out of balance and stress and anxiety dominate our daily life, it's time to get back the balance and get back in control. When you look below do any of these feel or sound like you or someone you know?

  • Physically and emotionally tired from aches and pains
  • From head to toe, neck, upper back, lower back and legs are tense
  • Living with a busy mind and it’s hard to switch off
  • A good night sleep was in the past
  • It’s more familiar to know what you don’t want
  • Feeling frustrated that life doesn’t seem to be working like it did
  • There is never enough time
  • Questions mostly start with "what if?"
  • Making excuses to avoid action is safer
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Be You Again

When you are being you, your life is back in your control. Anxiety and daily stress are normal in everyday life, except now you know how to manage them instead of them managing you. You have time in control and gain a sense of freedom through self awareness which inspires you to really live your truth and passions.

  • Experience and learn healing relaxation
  • Feel a greater sense of calm and focus
  • Restore your sleeping pattern with quality sleep
  • Reconnect with you inner self through self awareness
  • Replace frustration with self belief and confidence
  • Own your time to work for what is important to you
  • Learn to change a "what if" to "what next"
  • Embrace excuses as opportunities for new experiences
What are you waiting for?

What is belifehappy?

belifehappy is Emma's personal healing journey, taking you through self doubt to self awareness and the belief that you can be YOU again with lots of motivational and practical stories, exercises and daily quotes to inspire and guide you. Emma's first book belifehappy: give. play. love. learn was published in 2015 and is available direct from Emma and all major online book stores. What does it take to be life happy? Emma Lannigan founder of belifehappy created four principles of finding inner happiness for a lifetime through: give, play, love, learn. After experiencing another big life change in 2008, Emma made it her mission to reconnect to her inner happiness. Having recovered from her own experiences of anxiety and depression, and watching other friends, family and colleagues experience these mental illnesses too; Emma wanted to find a lasting happiness to be life happy. Give: understanding the balance of giving and receiving across all areas of your life. Play: rediscover adventure, fun and creativity and add more play into your day. Love: take notice of your physical, emotional and mental self care and love yourself inside out. Learn: have greater self awareness of your values, thoughts, words and actions and your choices.

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