Cheer Champion

Cheer Champion

Cheer Champions are they just another buzz word or do they really exist? Cheer Champions are among us, often wearing an invisible cloak and you only see them when you need them. Think of Nanny McPhee; “When you need me but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, then I have to go.”

When or why would you need a Cheer Champion? You’ll often not know, they simply appear there at your side. You might think our friends are the only Cheer Champions we need, however when you read on you’ll discover the real difference between the two. You’ll also (hopefully) feel encouraged to reach out and meet new people, where you might just meet your next Cheer Champion or become a Cheer Champion for someone else.

So what sets apart a Cheer Champion?

  1. They might not be your close friend, you might have just met them through a group, class, or club.
  2. Even though you might not see them often, they are always championing you to others.
  3. They believe in you.
  4. When they speak with you, you know you have their attention because you can see and feel that they are listening.
  5. When you hear them talking they use words to encourage and support you.
  6. They will often invite or introduce you to other like minded people so you have even more support.
  7. They offer you love in a way you have not received from friends before. It’s unconditional, with nothing to be given in return.
  8. Even when they have their own challenges, a Cheer Champion is still championing you.
  9. They don’t project their inner fears.
  10. Cheer Champions are resourceful and often there are no limits to how far their support will go for you while you need it.
  11. Finally a Cheer Champion is there as long as you need them. Once you have your confidence and have learned the additional skills to take you well into the next part of your journey, they naturally take a step back so you can walk freely forward in your life.

We don’t always realise we have a Cheer Champion. Although I wonder whether you are now thinking about who are your champions and who you have been there for too.

There is a great cycle of friendship with champions. When you start to think about it; when you have been championing someone, later in your life when you might need some support, there appears a Cheer Champion for you.

Here’s some things a Cheer Champion will help you be and do:

  • Show you things, skills, talents, personal characteristics that you might have overlooked.
  • They believe in you, even when you don’t and your close family and friends are fearful for you.
  • When your up against a wall in frustration, they see opportunity and light just around the corner.

The friendships we have are different

Our friends see us through daily life, family life, work life and social life. They see our happy times and our sadness even pain and grief. Our friendships are relationships that ebb and flow like the water alongside our life. Some friendships encourage us just like a Cheer Champion, yet you carry their life struggles, and the effect of their support is then out balanced.

There is nothing wrong with this, that’s what friendships are. However we want to be able to offer a balance throughout all our relationships for them to be healthy. The health of a friendship comes from a equal balance of giving and receiving. That’s where a Cheer Champion is different – they are in your life to give without receiving – 100% support for you.

Family and friends, in goodwill and without consciously knowing they are doing this, often project their own fears when you are expecting encouragement. It’s not personal. Their criticism of your thoughts or actions is directed actually at themselves. Think of it as a test as to how much you want to be and do what you want their support for? And do you need their support and approval to succeed?

Reflect and Celebrate

Just for a minute reflect on who your Cheer Champions are – how have they inspired you, encouraged you and supported you?

Remember your cheer champions and celebrate your friendships. Send love to wherever they might be. And together let’s celebrate the friendship, kindness, love and support we share today, tomorrow and everyday.


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