Best Intentions

Be your best intentions when you approach the New year and any goal setting

The New Year will soon be here and who hasn’t been thinking about the year ahead. Whether it’s areas of your personal life or professional world, the chances are you’ve considered what direction this year is set to take you. Alternatively consider instead of letting another year take you on a journey; you set your intentions…

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Daily rituals to reduce stress

Reduce stress and get off to a positive start in the New Year by introducing new daily rituals. Whether you own your own business, are managing a team of people, work in pressured environments like our schools and healthcare; are a single parent or stay at home mum; it really does’t matter here. Stress can only…

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Boost Cheer in Your Festive Season

Boost the cheer in your festive season

The festive season is here! Christmas lists, putting up the tress, who’s turn is it to host dinner? The office party, shopping; the feast of food and drink: indulge, scrooge or balance? Whether you love the festive season or not, it’s here. The ‘Holidays are Coming.’ How does that make you feel? Happy, excited, anxious…

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