Boost the cheer in your festive season

Boost Cheer in Your Festive Season

The festive season is here! Christmas lists, putting up the tress, who’s turn is it to host dinner? The office party, shopping; the feast of food and drink: indulge, scrooge or balance?

Whether you love the festive season or not, it’s here. The ‘Holidays are Coming.’ How does that make you feel? Happy, excited, anxious or stressed?

The festive season is known to be a difficult time for many individuals and for families as a whole. Financial pressure, relationships, to missing members of family around the dinner table.

The last time I saw my Dad alive was Christmas Day 2007 and thankfully that day ended with a lovely cuddle goodbye. My last one. My Dad passed away suddenly in the following February. Having not really appreciated Christmas before, ever since I am now a festive cheer leader and celebrate Christmas if anything to honour the empty chair.

I want to share with you a Christmas filled with cheer, of sharing love, laughter and the gift of time with family and close friends.

5 Ways to Boost Cheer in Your Festive Season

Manage Expectations

Are you aiming for the glossy magazine styled perfect Christmas? Your holiday season joy cannot be measured against your friends and colleagues. Know what your family and friends love and enjoy.

Be Realistic with your Budget

For the majority there is no free reign on Christmas spending, so set an amount you are comfortable with. Allocate for gifts, food, drink, parties, taxis, new outfits etc. By planning in advance shopping and partying will be much more enjoyable.

Create Experiences

Remember the time spent on being creative with your gifts including wrapping is part of the joy, in giving and receiving.

Keep it Cool in the Kitchen

With those veggies boiling on the stove, it won’t be long before the Brussels sprouts cause a stir! Preparation and planning of your Festive Feast is highly advised. Delegate and share tasks so you’re not tripping over each other in the kitchen and everyone feels like they have the opportunity to help.

Spare a Thought

Being mindful at Christmas is the best way to enjoy the day and festive weeks. Find time to spare a thought and where you can help someone who might be finding the cold weather tough, or are missing loved ones. Compassion and friendship are great gifts to be shared anytime of the year.

May your days be merry and bright. today. tomorrow and everyday. belifehappy.

Read the original article here on page 32 written by Emma Lannigan for I’d Rather Be in Deeping Magazine November 2015 issue.

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