Awaken the darkness within November monthly guidance

November 17 Guidance Darkness

Embrace Darkness

It feels as though we have always been led to fear the darkness; “be careful in the dark.” This is very sound advice when our sight is hindered without light.

In contrast the stillness that the darkness creates, allows us to reconnect with our inner self. A sacred space that we often ignore; being too busy with life. What if the time spent in the darkness gifts us even more insight and light in our world?

Experience has taught me that in darkness and times of sadness, frustration and fear, we can learn so much more about ourselves that we can come into the light, stronger and brighter.

What can you see in the darkness?

Step out into the evening this month and notice the beautiful starlit skies above you. For a moment breathe in the light from the moon and the stars, draw in their energy deep down within you.

Make time to close your eyes and allow your mind and body to feel heavier, floating down into the darkness of your inner self. Enjoy and embrace the feeling of stillness and become friends with this place. What can you see, feel and hear in this sacred place? Daydream, inspire, remember and create new experiences.

Allow the darkness to speak to your soul and draw out the light you hold within you.

When we embrace the dark as much as the light, we live with more love and lightness. Holding on to the fear of darkness is preventing us from learning, releasing and growing from within.

This reconnection with the dark within us, is a growing space that nature shares with us. Winter sheds the leaves from the trees and draws in the evening light. Trusting and knowing in spring the trees will blossom again and the evening light draws out.

It’s also a time to share our light with those who find it harder to navigate in the darker winter months. Reach out to friends, family and colleagues who appear withdrawn and tired now that winter is here. Together we can help each other navigate through the darkness and into the light.

Embrace the light within you.

With Love x

Emma Lannigan is the author of belifehappy: give. play. love. learn. Emma is intuitively guided and shares the learnings in the Monthly Guidance and throughout her coaching and workshops. The next workshops are in November include: Awakening your inner vision and Four steps to learn happiness. More About Emma.

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