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Self Development Journey with Reiki

Approaching our self development journey we don’t usually put Reiki as the number one place to start, especially not to start learning and practicing it.

It might not have been first for me either. I read a number of books first and then in a conversation wth a friend in November 2008 I first heard about Reiki. It was then I had a session and immediately booked my training. I just knew this was the next phase of my self development, and had no idea how it would help.

Fast forward to this week and I’ve completed another private 1:1 Reiki Level One training. Two days of learning about the history and lineage of Reiki, the principles behind the practice; learning about energy, chakras, meridians, aura’s or human energy fields (HEF); understanding the hand positions and how to deliver a self healing treatment and treatments safely for friends, family and animals (not professionally at this stage.)

Learning Reiki as a healing system and self development practice is different from other healing modalities. Reiki is the only system which is taught through a lineage system; with each teacher (including myself) having a direct  linear link to the modern founder Dr Usui.

Self Development Learnings

A recent student, also a client, has just completed their Reiki Level One. They have experienced around four Reiki sessions with me and worked with me through one of my new programmes combining NLP coaching and energy release techniques designed to realign energy and reduce anxiety; ‘Boost Your Energy’. After the two hour session the client practices a daily gratitude journal for the following month to further develop their self awareness and shift their mindset.

During their check in at the end of the month the client mentioned they wanted to continue with their self development and still have a level of support from me. We talked about different options including coaching sessions or email check in sessions, continuing with Reiki treatments or learning Reiki.

It was learning Reiki the client felt drawn too and we booked in a private two day training during the week.

The client, a senior director level professional arrived on day two and during our reflection of the training to date commented:

“I can’t believe the place I am in now. To think I was trapped in the anxiety and how it was effecting my life. Since starting Reiki and the NLP energy session I feel so much calmer. I know I’m in a really good place right now. The meditation is amazing and I am starting to feel the connection to the Reiki. It feels like a lot of pressure has been lifted. It’s not just physical, it’s a mindset shift too. In previous positions I would had taken all the pressure and felt the huge responsibility; however now I look at it and I’m thinking I am the catalyst, this is a new way of thinking for me and it feels great.”

The student continued to share their insights and learnings of Reiki and the effect on their life and said; “I now see how it can help across all areas of my life.”

Reiki and My Self Development

I just nod. I know. Over the last 10 years my life transformed intentionally and with the guidance and healing energy of Reiki. I connect to Reiki when I’m in my training rooms to set up the energy, in coaching and mentoring sessions; when networking or at business conferences; when I write; in our home and garden; out walking or swimming, when I bake or cook; I also self heal, and each night, I say thank you.

When life is difficult or sad, I come back to Reiki to connect to the sense of peace and calm, and know and trust I will be supported, and it is another opportunity to learn and grow.

I started teaching two years ago after professionally practicing Reiki since June 2009, and as a master practitioner since April 2010. The self healing practice, Reiki energy meditation and the Reiki Principles have massively influenced my life, choices, health, career, business, home and relationships.

Your Self Development Journey

You might have heard of Reiki, and probably thought how would that help me? The question you could ask is how will it not help me! You can read books, listen to podcasts, follow social media accounts, go to retreats or events and still keep searching. With Reiki I found, and the individuals I’ve worked with all say the same; “I can’t image my life without Reiki in it.”

On your self development journey Reiki introduces you to a daily practice of compassion and gratitude, teaches us to not be anger or worry, encourages us to relax, be mindful, be self aware and be responsible for our thoughts and actions. Reiki restores our natural balance in mind, body and spirit. It guides us internally with heightened intuition to take positive healthy action, on a daily path in our life and business.

This is the self development my students are looking for; long lasting, empowering development. In Reiki they find it, just like I have.

Daily Practice

All this empowering self development energy that comes from Reiki, comes from learning, studying and self healing and daily practice. Your self development journey is a long game of daily practice. Once learned, becomes a natural state of being. Without the practice it will, just like anything in our busy lives, become lost; however it is never forgotten and can always with practice be reclaimed and reignited within you.


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Emma Lannigan is the self help author of belifehappy: and is a NLP and Hypnotherapist Practitioner and Coach, Reiki Master Teacher and has 10 years experience as a holistic wellbeing therapist running a coaching and therapy practice. Complimenting the energy outcomes, Emma offers marketing mentoring for business owners to help support their individual and business growth and development.